Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Final Exam Policy

University Final Exam Policies:

Final exam policies are published online in the General Information section of the University Catalog.

The Office of the Registrar schedules all official university final exams each semester. "No-class" days and final exam days are listed in the official University academic calendar. No mandatory class meetings can be held on these days. No member of the faculty has the right to alter the academic calendar without the consent of all those who approved it (Faculty Council, Administration, Board of Regents).


Final Exam Policies for TAs & AIs:

Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors are not permitted to leave campus at the end of each semester until released by their supervisor. They are expected to fulfill job duties before, during, and after the Final Exam period, including--but not limited to--procuring and grading final exams. Failure to remain in-residence and fulfill all related TA / AI duties can result in the loss of employee-level insurance and repaying the University for in-state tuition waivers and any other tuition-related benefits afforded to student employees. 


Final Exam Conflicts/Complaints:

Complaints related to class final exam procedures should be made to the department chair, college dean or the Office of the Ombudsperson.

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