Only courses in which a student earns a grade of C or better may be included in the program of work for a graduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin. This coursework must have been taken within a six-year time limit. 


Transfer Credit

The Graduate School does not allow transfer of credit for more than six hours, be it from a study abroad program or from another US institution. Only graduate courses in which your grade was an A or a B can transfer, and only if they have not been counted toward another degree. A master’s student seeking to use coursework completed at another institution must provide the Graduate Studies Committee with an official transcript, the official explanation of the institution’s course numbering system and grading system, and the course description from the catalog of the institution. Along with these documents, the Petition to Transfer a Graduate Course From Another Institution form should be submitted by the graduate adviser for approval by the graduate dean. This form must be submitted before 12 hours of graduate coursework are completed at UT Austin.