Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies


Registering is a mammoth task. For efficiency purposes, the student population is assigned restricted access periods based on status. The main thing to watch for in terms of registration are the specific dates for both registering and paying your tuition bills.

All coursework must be approved by your Supervisor and/or the Graduate Advisor. Students are expected to complete all necessary Registration forms

Incoming graduate students register in late August, when some classes may be full, and, therefore, closed, as continuing students already had two registration access periods. This is a predicament unique to your first semester at UT—afterwards, graduate students register early and should have little difficulty enrolling in their classes of choice, provided that they are quick to register and careful not to miss their registration access periods or forget to pay their tuition on time.

Students who do not pay tuition, which is sometimes due very shortly after registration, are automatically dropped from their classes, with the unfortunate consequence of the same closed-classes predicament. Find your access periods on the Registrar’s homepage or on your individual Registration Information Sheet (RIS), which you can access from your personal UTDirect page (EID and password are required for the latter).

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