Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Travel & Restricted Regions

Study Abroad 

DMES encourages its students to seek in-country experiences in the Middle East. If you are interested in studying abroad while you are here, get started early. Check out the Study Abroad Office and talk to us. The Study Abroad Office has institutional contacts in many of the regional universities. It also administers the IEFS scholarships that can be used for language study or fieldwork in the region, and can offer advice on funding. To get proper credit for your coursework abroad, certain forms have to be filled out before you leave and others when you return.


Restricted Regions Travel Policy

The University of Texas at Austin uses the UTS190 International Travel Policy. Please follow this link to make Student Requests. There are time-sensitive deadlines related to when you will be traveling (usually mid to late April for Summer travel). The Travel Policy to Restricted Regions applies to UT-Austin graduate students, traveling internationally as individuals or in groups, with or without University funding, for any UT-sponsored, UT-administered, or UT-related activity or program. In these instances, and when the travel is academic-related (typically for research purposes or language programs), prior travel authorization is required, even in cases where it's the student's home country, and especially in cases where funding is involved (otherwise the funding will not be released). The only instances where it is not necessary is when the student visits a country purely for personal purposes. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • official study abroad programs
  • conducting research
  • internships
  • field studies
  • service learning
  • volunteer, experiential, or work programs sponsored, endorsed, promoted, or administered by the University

Travel request process

Travel will usually be approved when there is a compelling justification and no suitable alternative opportunities exist. All requests must be strongly linked to academic goals and must adequately address major health, safety or security concerns. This website additionally includes information about signing up for travel insurance


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