Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

AFP Student Emily Hawthorne Receives the Mitchell Award & Boren Scholarship

Wed, May 11, 2011

Arabic Flaghip student Emily Hawthorne was presented with the Mitchell Award for her thesis titled “Halal Food as a Harbinger of Harmony: Comparing Developments in the Halal Food Markets in France and in America.” Her thesis proposes that halal food companies must carefully balance the demands of both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers in non-Muslim majority cultures. 

Emily’s research and interviews suggested a discrepancy between the French halal industry’s profit-driven marketing decisions-which have resulted in scandals and negative public attention on the French Muslim community-and the American industry’s more discreet and sensitive decisions, which have managed to diversify the image of what halal food can offer for all consumers, Muslim or otherwise.

By proposing halal food as an option for green-living and animal-welfare-conscious consumers, America’s small but growing “eco-halal” niche moves halal food into the mainstream and could do good things for the future state of Muslim and non-Muslim relations, and France’s industry would be wise to observe the developments, Hawthorne suggests.

Serendipidous for Emily, the same week she was awarded the Mitchell, she also received thrilling news that she was granted a Boren Scholarship. An AFP student since fall 2009, Emily has continually nourished her passion for languages, studying French and Arabic simulateneously and immersing herself in studies abroad in France. This fall, Emily will embark upon her Capstone year abroad to study Arabic and complete an internship to continue her mastery of Arabic. The AFP is extremely proud of her achievements and wishes her continued success in her academic endeavors.

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