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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Glenn Peers Curates Exhibition at the Menil Collection in Houston

Wed, July 10, 2013
Glenn Peers Curates Exhibition at the Menil Collection in Houston

Glenn Peers, Professor of Art History and MES who specializes in Byzantine and early medieval art, has guest curated an exhibition—Byzantine Things in the World—for the Menil Collection in Houston that is receiving stellar reviews in the press and from critics.

To the Christian faithful in the Eastern Roman Empire, works of art were not inert objects but earthly embodiments of a supernatural force, spiritually “alive” and capable of acting in the world. This belief in the literal efficacy of icons and relics has withered in the modern world—and yet many modern and contemporary artists have continued the tradition in their own way, evoking a sense that the materials they use are charged with inherent power.

Byzantine Things in the World

The exhibition, which opened May 3 and runs through August 18, attempts to recapture this power, going beyond a simple exhibition of pieces from the Byzantine era to include "like-minded" objects from diverse cultures and periods. The collection highlights the objects and the effects their creators intended them to unleash on those that viewed them. The resulting juxtaposition, as vividly described by Arts + Culture Magazine, will "make you lose your head" (in a good way).

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The Menil Collection is free to visitors, and is open 11 am to 7 pm Wednesday to Sunday (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). For more information about visiting the exhibition, visit the Menil's website.

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