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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Find us on iTunes U!

Mon, July 15, 2013
Find us on iTunes U!

MES now has three podcast series available through the University of Texas at Austin—iTunes U storefront. If you're not familiar with iTunes U, it's a part of the iTunes store that allows you to subscribe and download to University produced podcast collections and courses—free of charge. (And, despite the name, you don't actually need an iPod; podcasts can be listened to on any device capable of playing audio—even on your regular computer with speakers.)

ME History Lecture SeriesThe Middle East History Lecture Series is a graduate student organized forum promoting the exchange of ideas between graduate students working on various aspects of Middle Eastern history and experienced faculty members at universities around the country. This forum provides an opportunity for the student organizers to workshop with visiting faculty regarding their research (both in terms of topics as well as experiences, methodologies, etc.) and experience as academics. The culmination of each visit is a lecture by the visiting faculty member in which they present their research to an audience of historically-minded academics and students specializing in the Middle East as well as interested scholars from the campus and community. This collection also incorporates lectures from the Social Sciences and the Middle East lecture series on historic topics.

Ancient Near East / Late AntiquityThe Ancient & Late Antique Near East Lectures combines recordings from two lecture series coordinated by the Middle Eastern Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin: the Ancient Near East lecture series and the Workshop on Late Antiquity. These complementary lecture series bring together scholars focusing on the civilizations and cultures of the Mediterranean and its environs from the beginnings of recorded history; the rise of Judaism; the ancient empires of the Near East including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, and the civilizations of Phoenicia and Anatolia; the Second Temple period; Christian origins; the Byzantine Empire; and early Islam. 

15 Minute HistoryAnd lastly, 15 Minute History, the popular podcast series that was launched last fall—with supplementary materials—about World and US history. This is a joint project of Hemispheres, the international outreach consortium at the University of Texas at Austin, and Not Even Past, a website with articles on a wide variety of historical issues, produced by the History Department at the University of Texas at Austin. This podcast series is devoted to short, accessible discussions of important topics in World History and US History. The discussions are conducted by the award winning faculty and graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.


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