Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

CDMES Graduate Students at MESA 2018

Fri, September 28, 2018
CDMES Graduate Students at MESA 2018
The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) is a non-profit association that fosters the study of the Middle East, promotes high standards of scholarship and teaching, and encourages public understanding of the region and its peoples through programs, publications and services that enhance education, further intellectual exchange, recognize professional distinction, and defend academic freedom in scientific, educational, literary, and charitable organization.
Join us this November for MESA’s 52nd annual meeting in San Antonio. The following UT CDMES students will be presenting in academic panels.

Matthew Chovanec (DMES)

"Were That Man were a Stone: Arabic Poetry, Social Media, and Ecocriticism in the Kuwaiti Desert." 

Lucy Flamm (CMES)

"Combating Curated Memory: Oral Histories and Pahlavi Iran."


Patrick Harned (CMES)

"Homosexuality in Lebanese Literature" 

Kelly Houck (DMES)

"The Franklin Book Program and the Soft-Psy Tactics behind the Emergence of Children’s Media in Modern Iran.” 

Robyn Morse (CMES)

"Returning from Exile: The Politics of the Shi'i in Saudi Arabia."

Bryan Sitzes (DMES)

"Bringing Public Health Programs to the Villages: A Provincial Study in Pahlavi Khuzestan (SW Iran).”

Garrett Shuffield (CMES)

"Imagining Palestine in Chile: A New Generation’s Search for Place, Memory, and Identity."

Babak Tabarraee (DMES)

"From 'Not Without My Daughter' to 'Argo': The Iranian Reception of Hollywood's Iran-Centered Films."
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