Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Reading Reality: The Evolving Representation of Women in Iranian Literature

Fri, September 28, 2018
Reading Reality: The Evolving Representation of Women in Iranian Literature
Mona Mostofi partook in a panel discussion at the 2018 Graduate Conference in Comparative Literature Conference on, September 28-29th at UT-Austin. "Beyond the Breakdown: Re-viewing Our Disciplines and Our World" where UT Graduate students from a variety of departments, including Comparative Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, English, Spanish and Portuguese, French and Italian, Education, Anthropology, African and African Diaspora Studies, Classics, and Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies, participated in panels about the geopolitical moment. 
In this tumultuous times, an apocalyptic end seems too close for comfort; while it might be tempting to accept that total breakdown is imminent, it is now more important than ever to consider our place in the world and how we may continue to (re)shape it. In our approach to world-as-text and text-as-world, how can scholars “break down” without breaking? How can we respond productively, constructively, to brokenness, even as we strive to dismantle rigid hegemonic structures? Can we embrace some kinds of brokenness as beautiful, as necessary? How should the boundaries between disciplines, languages, and cultures be broken apart and revised? How do scholars need to redefine terms we once took for granted? In essence, how are we beginning to restructure, rebuild, and rejuvenate our disciplines, the Academy at large, and our relationships with the world beyond?
The Graduate Association for Comparative Literature Students (GRACLS) provides the organizing body and social forum for graduate students in UT’s program in Comparative Literature. Every year since 2001, the GRACLS conference has brought together students from across the 40 Acres and across America to participate and present their original research in an interdisciplinary, multicultural, and high-profile event. Reaching beyond the academy, through our careful work on cultural exchange and human expression, this year’s conference will focus on the role of popular culture in the humanities and the impact of the humanities on the world beyond the academy.
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