Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Student Spotlight: Abby M. Attia

Sun, September 30, 2018
Student Spotlight: Abby M. Attia
Abby Attia received the FLAS Summer award in 2018 to study Arabic at the Qasid Institute in Amman, Jordan. At the Qasid Institute, Abby was in an intensive MSA Arabic course alongside students from Turkey, the U.K., Germany, and the United States. Abby enjoyed living in the capital, Amman, and traveling to historic and natural sites such as the Dead Sea, Petra, and Mt. Nebo. This summer, she also traveled to Istanbul, Turkey with her classmates.
Abby is a second-year student in the Master of Middle Eastern Studies and Global Policy dual degree program at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the LBJ School. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from Lee University in East Tennessee. Her research focuses on post-conflict reconstruction, and women and minority rights in the Middle East and North Africa.
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