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Here you can access archived versions of the newsletters published by MES over the years.  

  • No. 36, 2012-2013—(M.R. Ghanoonparvar retires; Looking to the future; Global Professional Leadership Training; Lecture by James Gelvin (UCLA) on the Arab Spring; New Publications A Bit of Air, The Neighbors, Moon and Henna Tree; New Faculty Jonathan Kaplan; a year in Cairo; Presenting in MESA for the first time; Alumni Interviews: Sahar Aziz and Peter Glanville, Humanities outside the classroom; Teachers' Spring Break in Morocco; Persian of Iran Today.)
  • No. 35, 2011-2012(Views on the Arab Spring; Tributes to retiring faculty: Peter Abboud, Aaron Bar-Adon, Clement Moore Henry, Harold Liebowitz, and Seth Wolitz; New publications With This Night (Leah Goldberg) and How Happy to Call One's Self a Turk (Gavin Brockett); the Institute for Communication on Media and the Middle East (ICOMME); new MELC major encourages students to think beyond languages and nations; new faculty publications from Samer Ali, Benjamin Brower, and Karen Grumberg; Hemispheres receives a grant from the Library of Congress for outreach.)
  • No. 34, 2010-2011(New Ancient Israel and the Near East program; interview with Ghada Abdel Aal, author of I Want to Get Married! The Jil Jadid graduate student conference in Arabic literature and linguistics; a visit by Adonis; Arabic House co-op; Intensive Persian language summer institute; teacher study abroad; outreach lecture series; the new push for Turkish studies.)
  • No. 33, 2009-2010(Remembering Elizabeth Warnock Fernea; a conversation with Jo Ann Hackett and John Huehnergard; visiting faculty Joseph Nevo and new lecturer Hope Fitzgerald; a visit and lecture by Lebanese author Hoda Barakat; Arabic Flagship Program and Arabic Summer Institute; a student's personal reflections on the Green Revolution in Iran; ROTC Language and Culture Project.)
  • No. 32, Fall 2008/Spring 2009(Looking ahead to the 50th anniversary of CMES; Denise Schmandt-Besserat wins Hamilton Award; interview with Faegheh Shirazi on popular religious practice in Iran; new publications; interview with M.R. Ghanoonparvar on the art of translation; report on study abroad in Egypt; new faculty Tarek El-Ariss, Na'ama Pat-El, Laila Hassan Familiar, Adi Raz, Martha Schulte-Nafeh, Anousha Shahsavari; visiting professor Elisheva Rossman-Stollman; visiting scholars Songül Ata, Dina Hosni, Nahla El-Senously, Aviad Stollman, and Eran Zaidise; Tracking Cultures: making it all relevant.)
  • No. 31, Fall 2007/Spring 2008—(Arabic Flagship Program; ROTC Language and Culture Project; Farewell to Elizabeth Warnock Fernea and Robert Fernea; Middle East Ensemble "Bereket," New faculty Hina Azam and Fehintola Mosadomi; faculty and staff news; obituaries: Carol Justus and Winfred Lehmann; outreach news; new publications and excerpts from Women on a Journey and Siraaj.)
  • No. 30, Fall 2006(NRC refunding; new faculty Mahmoud al-Batal and Kristen Brustad; Fulbright-Hays seminar in Egypt; off-campus workshops fior K-12 teachers; K-12 curriculum development; Islamic Movements conferenc; Urban Geographies conference; new fiction translations; grant from SIAWE for Persian translations; new publications; Mediterranean Crossroads 2006; online Persian language learning resources; new faculty Sonia Seeman, Nader Morkus; visiting professor Yoav Gelber; new librarian Robin Dougherty.)
  • No. 29, Fall 2002/Spring 2003(NRC refunding; CMES/MELC restructuring; Middle East Geographies conference; Visions of Modernity conference; French Legacies conferences; Concerts; Judd Ne'eman; Arabic Circle; visiting scholars Byung-Ock Chang and Fatiha Hamitouche.)
  • No. 28, Fall 2001/Spring 2002(response to September 11; publications and outreach news; new faculty Kamran Asdar Ali, Samer Ali, and Khaled Mattawa; Faculty and staff news; Hamilton award for Mounira Maya Charrad, Glenn Peers, and Keith Walters; MES 2001; student and alumni news; colloquiuim series; conferences; visiting Fulbright scholar Fatiha Hamitouche; Turkish Perspectives program.)
  • No. 27, Spring 2001(Middle East outreach; new faculty Diana Davis; visiting faculty Jonathan Shannon; publications; Mediterranean Crossroads; conferences; lectures; colloquium series; special concerts; New Turkish language scholarship; faculty and staff news; student and alumni news.)
  • No. 26, Fall 2000(Publications; new faculty: Mohammad Mohammad, Mounira Maya Charrad; Mediterranean Crossroads; library and outreach; obituary: M.A. Jazayery.)
  • MELC Newsletter No. 3, Spring 2000(conference on Judaism and Islam: cross currents; new Jewish Studies major; student news; MELC faculty awards and grands; lectures and presentations; faculty publications and other creative work; A retrospective of Haim Shiran's films; faculty profile: Yaron Bar-Adon; workshop on the teaching of Islamic and Jewish studies.)
  • No. 25, Fall 1999/Spring 2000(Mediterranean Crossroads 2000; 1999 Middle East Summer Institute; Women of the Book Conference; conference on Hassan Fathy; Legacy of the Middle East exhibition; new joint degree with Information School; Outreach news; Publications news; panel discussion on Middle Eastern jounralism; film festivals.)
  • MELC Newsletter No. 2, Fall 1999(symposium on pilgrimage to holy sites; graduate student news; brown bag luncheon series; Tracking Cultures; conference on Hassan Fathy; faculty publications; new assistant professors Kamran Aghaie and Yildiray Erdener; faculty profile Mohammad Ali Jazayery; faculty workshops.)
  • MELC Newsletter No. 1, Fall 1998—(special events and upcoming talks; new Tajiki program; new faces Kamran Aghaie and Monica Yaniv; visiting scholars Simin Karimi; faculty highlight: Yaron Shemer; Esther Raizen heads research team; lectures by faculty; student news.)
  • No. 24, Spring 1998(Increase in NRC/FLAS funding; new fellowship in memory of Ann Grabhorn Friday; new joint degree program with law; Istanbul summer program; special courses on Middle East business; expansion of academic ties with Morocco; new faculty: Zilla Goodman, Akel Kahera, Daniel Laufer, Adam Zachary Newton, Mark Southern, Barbara Wolbert; outreach; publications; new bibliography on Muslim women online; donation of Persian book collection; obituary for Robert W. Stookey.)
  • No. 22, Spring 1995(new director Abraham Marcus; conference on Istanbul; conference on Israeli peace accords; conference on civil society; outreach and publications updates.)
  • No. 21, Fall 1994(Istanbul exhibition; launch of UT-MENIC; Gale Lecture Series on the Dreyfus Affair; Robert Fernea receives CMES Award; establishment of MELC; new faculty: Faegheh Shirazi; obituary: Makram Copty; honorary LLD for Elizabeth Fernea; summer program at Boğaziçi University.)
  • No. 20, Spring 1994(Conference on 19th-Century Persian Travel Memoirs; Kurdistan exhibit and conference; new joint degree with communication; lectures, visitors and performances; TAMES annual meeting; Istanbul exhibit.)
  • No. 19, Fall 1993(new center administration; summer study abroad; lectures and colloquia; fourteenth annual Gale lecture; round table on Israeli-PLO peace accord; award for Hafez Farmayan; outreach, publications, faculty and staff news; new faculty: Yıldıray Erdener, Walid Hamarneh; Deborah Kapchan.)
  • No. 18, Spring 1993(summer Middle Eastern language institute; images of the Middle East exhibition; lectures and visitors; symposium on Jewish Children; visit by Manoucher Parvin and Sattareh Farman Farmaian; TAMES; outreach and publications news; Iranian studies endowment.)
  • No. 17, Fall 1992(Teleconference on Israeli/Palestinian peace; conference on Lebanon in the 1950s; visiting faculty Virginia Danielson, Teirab AshShareef, Anne Rasmussen and Driss Ouaouicha; celebration of the Sephardic legacy; TAMES, outreach, publications, and student news.)
  • No. 16, Spring 1992(new director: Robert Holz; CMES moves to Dobie; new faculty Keith Walters; visiting faculty Anne Rasmussen; Conferences; Beit Gan expedition; Exhibits; Rockerfeller Foundation fellows Mehrzad Boroujerdi and Akile Gürsoy-Tezcan; outreach and publications news.)
  • No. 15, Spring 1991(MESA in Texas; response to the Gulf War; Elizabeth Fernea's "Perspectives on Peace"; new faculty M.R. Ghanoonparvar, Yair Mazor, Denise Spellberg, visiting faculty Akile Gürsoy-Tezcan; Rockerfeller scholars Ibrahim Abu-Rabi and Farhad Khosrow Khavar; Saudi crafts exhibit; conference on Sadeq Hedayat and Persian literature.)
  • No. 14, Spring 1990(Fulbright-Hays summer program in Turkey; confernces and lectures; publication of Ghassan Kanafani's "All That's Left to You"; Academic Exchange between UT and Aix-Marseille III; Tel Yin'am expedition; establishment of the Institute for the Study of Literature, Religion & Society; visiting faculty Roger Owen.)
  • No. 13, Fall 1989(CMES receives Rockerfeller Grant; Tel Yin'am becomes archaeological park; Conference on "The Afghanistan Legacy"; TAMES; visiting scholar Cem Taylan; farewell to John and Caroline Williams; new faculty Sherman Jackson.)
  • No. 12, Spring 1989(Conference on Iraqi Revolution of 1958; launch of new translation series; panel on Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses; visit by Roger Allen; new rare Arabic and Persian translations in the HRC.)
  • No. 11, Fall 1988(Sephardic festival; study abroad in Israel; obituary Eisig Silberschlag; publications and outreach news.)
  • No. 10, Spring 1988(Lecture series; summer Middle East Institute; publications; Nubian notes; summer teachers' workshop.)
  • No. 9, Fall 1987(M.A. Jazayery steps down as directory; Ian Manners and Fedwa Malti-Douglas become director and associate director; new faculty Hamid Dabashi, Clement Moore Henry, and Robert Vitalis; TAMES annual meeting; new joint degree program with Business; student news; faculty news; special events; publications; exhibit and lecture series "Art of the Holy Land.")
  • No. 8, Spring 1987(Elizabeth Fernea presides over MESA meeting; visit of Chinese scholars; conference on Forugh Farrokhzad; Tel Yin'am expedition; new faculty T. Carmi, Allen Douglas; visiting scholars Mubeccel Kiray, Soraya Altorki, Parkhideh Amiri, Donald Cole, Faisal Nasr, Sheraguime Youchidje; farewell to James Bill; obituaries: Carter Bryant and David Francis; memorial funds for Victorine Abboud and Arther Allen.)
  • No. 7, Fall 1986(Visit by Emile Habiby; conference in honor of Winfred Lehmann; Tubingen Atlas; Library news; student and faculty news; special events; Carl Leiden retires; TAMES meeting; Vicente Cantarino departs; obituary: Shahin Bakhtari.)
  • No. 6, Spring 1986(New joint degree with Public Affairs; Conference on Iranian nationalism; faculty and staff news; outreach news; Western consortium; new course in the business school; student news; excavation at Tel Yin'am; Fifth TAMES meeting; award to the Ferneas; conference on Middle Eastern literature; Middle East collection.)
  • No. 5, Fall 1985(CMES celebrates 25th anniversary; summer institute for teachers; new books; conference on Iranian nationalism; obituaries: Anne Royal and Arthur B. Allen.)
  • No. 4, Fall 1984(New slide packets; Elizabeth Fernea elected president of MESA; Ian Manners appointed Acting Director; awards for W. Roger Louis; upcoming programs; development of Turkish Studies; lectures; publications; faculty news;visiting faculty Jacques Waardenburg and Hilary Waardenburg-Kilpatrick; student awards; computer assisted instruction in Arabic; obituary: Victorine Abboud; new staff Annes McCann-Baker.)
  • No. 3, Fall 1983(New faculty; re-establishment of Turkish language program; NRC refunding; summer institute; Middle East week; publications update; visiting scholar Izzut Ghurani; new databanks; publication of slide packages.)
  • No. 2, Fall 1982(Middle East Summer Institute; Middle East Film Festival; new research associates; publications; Naional Resource Center fellowships, faculty news; outreach news; Middle East week; visiting lecturers.)
  • No. 1, Spring 1982(CMES publications; international studies; computer-assisted instruction; Middle East film festival; TAMES; Middle East Week; Middle East collection; slides for the classroom; visiting scholars.)

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