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Summer & Travel FLAS FAQs


Summer FAQs

Application: Deadlines, Document Submission, Recommendations*
Program Options and Requirements
Elligibility and Program Requirements 
Restricted Region Travel 
Registration Requirements
Registration & Center Requirements
Travel & Study Abroad



Application: Deadlines, Document Submission, Recommendations, Notifications 


  • Applications requirements, processes, deadlines, and notifications are the same for Summer as the academic year. 




I am graduating in May. Am I eligible for a Summer FLAS?

  • No. You must be a current student to receive the funding. For graduate students, if you delay your graduation, you are required by OGS to re-enroll in the thesis or report course during the summer in order to be eligible for a Summer FLAS and to meet graduation enrollment requirements. 



I am receiving funding through CLS/ Boren /Flagship Program, am I eligible?

  • Students who already receive funding through a federally funded language program (ex: CLS, Boren, Flagship programs) are not eligible for additional FLAS funding to study the language currently being funded. Students are, however, encouraged to apply for the FLAS for a language that differs from the one for which they are already receiving funding. 



Are graduate students from other universities eligible for a Summer FLAS? 
  • You must be a current UT graduate student--in any department--to receive the funding. 


Program Options


Do I have to go overseas to study?

  • Students at the intermediate and advanced levels are expected to pursue overseas programs of study. If no appropriate programs are available, students may propose a domestic program. Beginning-level students are expected to select a domestic program of study


What are the required 'contact hours'?

  • Beginning and intermediate levels of study require a minimum of 140 contact hours. The advanced level requires at least 120 contact hours. These contact hours must be clear on the program's website or brochure. Programs offering less than these minimum requirements cannot be considered. This is what defines "intensive" for FLAS purposes. Eligible programs typically last at least 6 weeks, usually 8-10 weeks.
  • You can find a list of previously approved FLAS programs here



Summer Finances 


Does the Summer FLAS cover travel expenses?

  • The Summer FLAS stipend is designed to cover all travel and living expenses. If there are FLAS funds remaining, however, after others have been funded, travel stipends may be awarded to cover certain travel costs. These stipends are usually not paid until the end of the summer and can only be awarded if travel arrangements comply with the Fly American Act. This legislation mandates that federal funds be applied to travel on US carriers, whenever possible. You should take this into consideration when booking your flights.



Does the Summer FLAS cover health insurance?

  • No. Students should purchase medical coverage with their stipend. 




Academics and Degree Requirements


Will courses completed under a Summer FLAS award show up on my UT transcript?
  • No. Graduate students may only transfer graduate-level courses to UT Austin. Additional details regarding the transferring of graduate coursework can be found on the Graduate School's website. 
  • Undergraduates may petition for credit through the Study Abroad Office. 

Can I get credit towards my degree for language study completed under a Summer FLAS?
  • For Graduate Students, this is up to each student's program. CMES students may make progress towards completing the language requirement, but no degree requirements will be fulfilled by language courses completed at another institution.
  • Undergraduates should check with the MES undergraduate FLAS administrator, Kelly Houck, regarding placement exams and transfer credit. 


Registration & Study Abroad Office


Do I need to be enrolled at UT during the Summer?

  • Yes. Students traveling overseas must apply to the Study Abroad Office for Independent Study and Research (ISR) status. Stipends will not be disbursed until students are registered for ISR 080. 


Restricted Regions

  • Students seeking a program in what is considered a restricted region must apply for permission to travel (list of countries). Please review University policy and prepare early your application to request travel authorization. 


Additional Requirements & OPIs

Students are required to meet with both language faculty and the FLAS Coordinator at the beginning and end of the academic year for language and course schedule assessment. This consists of an advising appointment during Registration with the Coordinator and an OPI (oral proficiency interview) with a faculty member. 

Travel Authorization Requirements


Summer 2019 & 2019-2020 FLAS Applications
Graduate Application
Undergraduate Application


Applications open
October 1, 2018
Applications close
December 15, 2018; midnight
Recommendation Letters due
December 31, 2018; midnight


If you have questions about degree requirements, transfer credit, or credit by exam, please email Kelly Houck


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