Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Travel & Restricted Regions

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to making study, research and other academic pursuits abroad both accessible and safe for students. All students proposing travel to any location on the Restricted Regions List must have IOC approval. The IOC retains the right to withdraw one's travel authorization if necessary as well as withhold reimbursement and/or take other disciplinary actions for noncompliance with the UT Travel Policy.


Restricted Regions Categories

Extreme Risk
High Risk
Medium Risk
Variable Risk



List of Restricted Regions

+ countries and risk levels can vary daily
Afghanistan ♦
2, 4
2, 3, 4 
2, 4
3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4 
2, 4
Saudi Arabia
Iran ♦
Iraq ♦
2, 4
3, 4
2, 4
♦ These countries are not covered by UT’s International SOS policy. Travelers must contact the IO Office to find out how to ensure that adequate emergency assistance coverage is available.



Restricted Region Travel Checklist

Restricted Regions ListInternational Oversight Committee

No student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a location on the Restricted Regions List. UT Austin students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to participate in international activities in locations on the Restricted Regions List unless an exception is granted by the IOC.

Restricted Regions Travel Request

All requests must be strongly linked to academic goals and must adequately address major health, safety or security concerns. The IOC will not support travel that takes place without adhering to the requirements of the Travel Policy. and will not retroactively approve travel.

Study Abroad Requirements

Students traveling overseas must apply to the Study Abroad Office for Independent Study & Research (ISR) status. The FLAS will cover ISR-related fees. 

Travel Request Deadlines

Study Abroad will accept new applications or extensions until the deadlines. Students must complete all requirements for application prior to the application deadlines.
  • August 1 – fall semester abroad
  • December 1 – spring semester abroad
  • May 1 – summer semester abroad
**please note that these dates are independent of FLAS deadlines

Registration while Abroad: Independent Study and Research (ISR)

ISR students are considered full-time students by the university for the term abroad.

Overseas Insurance

All international student travel covered by the Student Travel Policy for International Locations includes mandatory enrollment in the UT International Insurance Coverage program--Overseas Insurance.
  • 100% payment of covered medical expenses up to $200,000;
  • emergency evacuation coverage for medical or security reasons;
  • general liability coverage up to $1,000,000


Travel Authorization Requirements


Summer 2019 & 2019-2020 FLAS Applications
Graduate Application
Undergraduate Application


If you have questions about FLAS requirements or the application that you cannot locate on the website, please email Lisa Parisi.
If you have questions about degree requirements, transfer credit, or credit by exam, please email Kelly Houck

Applicants are required to contact a Travel Advisor at


List of Restricted Regions

Request Restricted Region Travel Approval

Travel Approval Deadlines

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