Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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The Department of Middle Eastern Studies offers first- through third-year courses in Arabic, modern Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. These languages are taught intensively at the first year level in order to maximize learning and allow students to meet college language requirements in one year of study. Additional course offerings are available in a number of other important related languages, including Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Syriac and Ugaritic.
The language programs at DMES are some of the best in the nation, taught by highly skilled and dedicated faculty using innovative teaching practices and technology to help motivated students reach their goals.  In addition to students pursuing degrees in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern studies, the language programs serve students across campus who are dedicated to developing proficiency in a Middle Eastern language.


Letter grades are required in the language courses offered by Middle Eastern Studies. A grade basis of CR/NC (graduate students) or Pass/Fail (undergraduate students) is not permitted. All students, whether undergraduate or graduate, must take our language courses for a letter grade. In no case do we allow any student, at any level, to take our language courses pass/fail or for credit/no credit.


Due to the intensive and interactive character of our modern language classrooms, auditing is not permitted in Arabic, modern Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. For learners with previous experience in these languages who wish to register, we require a placement test to help us determine the appropriate level. Information and registration for the placement test are available on this website under Language Testing.



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