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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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Students in Middle Eastern Studies are encouraged to spend a summer, semester, or full year studying abroad. Both undergraduate and graduate students should speak with their advisor about transferability of credit before beginning a study abroad program. For graduate students, only two courses may be transferred for credit from study abroad, and these courses must meet certain requirements to apply to the degree.

The University of Texas at Austin has several exchange and affiliated studies arrangements with numerous institutions in the Middle East:






Students wishing to study abroad are required to attend one of the information sessions held by UT Austin's Study Abroad office. 

After attending one of the information sessions and selecting some candidate programs, you should meet with a study abroad advisor for the Middle East.

The application deadline for study abroad programs is October 1 for spring and March 1 for summer, fall, and full year programs.

Full information on procedures, a database of study abroad programs, and the application for study abroad programs can be found on the study abroad web site.

Graduate Students
Graduate students who wish to study abroad during the summer on a FLAS fellowship or independently do not need to follow the above procedures.  Graduate students should involve the graduate advisor in the decision-making and planning for any study abroad program, however. 

Nearly all of the study abroad exchanges and programs sponsored by the University of Texas are open to graduate students. 

CMES maintains a list of pre-approved language programs abroad for FLAS awardees.  Advanced language students who plan to apply for a FLAS to study abroad are encouraged to select one of the programs on the list in order to facilitate their application, and to expedite the approval process for awardees.

Students on a FLAS or other University-issued fellowship are required to enroll in affiliated studies at UT while abroad, and students studying abroad independently are strongly advised to do so.  Contact the Student Services Coordinator for more information.

Students may also study abroad via programs not affiliated with the University of Texas.

To learn more about the difference between the various types of exchange agreements, visit the Study Abroad Office website.

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