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Indigenous Student People's Association (NAIPA)

Indigenous Student Peoples Association (NAIPA), a graduate student organization, is intended to visibilize scholarship and community work by Indigenous faculty, students and community organizers, and their allies, for and concerning Indigenous peoples, in order to facilitate dialogue, support, and action. NAIPA is both a critical community and a critical forum for inter-tribal, cross-cultural, hemispheric, and global dialoguing on Native/Indigenous lives, in order to learn about, support, and seek solutions to critical matters affecting Native communities. These matters studied and addressed by some of our student members include language and cultural revitalization, gender and sexual violence, migration and displacement, political mobilization and land rights, urban and diasporic experiences, and afro-indigenous experiences.

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NAIPA Leaders: 

  • Azucena Pacheco (Co-Chairs): 
  • Ruth Matamoros (Co-Chairs): 
  • Alina Scott (Co-Chairs): 
  • Adrienne Sockwell (Secretary)
  • Pilar Martinez (Treasurer) 
  • Katherin Tairo (GSA Representative) 
  • Roberto Young (GSA Representative) 
  • Natalia Ochoa (Social Media Chair) 
  • Judith Landeros (Undergraduate Affairs Liason)
  • Eduardo Gorobets (Undergraduate Affairs Liason)
  • Angela Tapia (Writing/Feedback Workshop)
  • Juan Tiney (Writing/Feedback Workshop)