Guests in the Land: Asian American through American Indian Studies

Fri, March 1, 2013 | SAC 5.118

12:30 PM

Guests in the Land: Asian American through American Indian Studies

Spring 2013 Speaker Series sponsored by the Center for Asian American Studies and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Program

Native American and Indigenous Studies and Asian American Studies are often perceived as fields that share little in common with each other. This series features scholars whose work defies such perceptions by exploring how these seeminly disparate fields possess overlapping and frequently, contested histories. Their work examines the shared and uneven histories of race and racial formation, colonialism, capitalism, and whiteness between and across Native American, Indigenous, and Asian American communities, and considers how indigeneity and immigration, often presumed to be essentially contradictory experiences, actually share key connections in constructions of the nation-state.

Manu Vimalassery is an Assistant Professor of History at Texas Tech University. His manuscript, "Skew Tracks: Imperialism, Racial Capitalism, and the Transcontinental Railroad", rethinks capitalism through Plains Indian and Chinese migrant histories. He is co-editor of The Sun Never Sets: South Asians in an Age of U.S. Global Power, due out on NYU Press in Spring 2013.

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