Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

BNCO's Message

Welcome to the University of Texas Naval ROTC Battalion and congratulations on taking the first steps towards becoming a Naval Officer. I am Midshipman First Class Parker Rost, and I have the distinct privilege and honor of serving as the Fall 2017 Battalion Commanding Officer for this unit. 

Our battalion has a 77 year lineage of proud UT Naval ROTC tradition. This tradition has produced a multitude of successful officers that have gone on to have extraordinary Naval careers, with many reaching the rank of Admiral or General. Following their Naval careers, many of these individuals went on to become astronauts, CEOs and presidents of organizations, and even the presiding Chancellor of UT. We are home to the oldest Naval ROTC drill team and have the honor of running the game ball from Austin to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry.

To those who are considering joining the program, take the chance. Don’t live a life of what-ifs but a life of action. The military is a great place to better yourself and develop both mentally and physically. You will build confidence to take on any task at hand and continue the legacy of excellence of those who have come before you.  You will also have an opportunity to travel the world and have experiences that you would have never imagined.

The United States Navy and Marine Corps consist of the greatest warfighters in the world. To lead those Sailors and Marines requires a standard of excellence which we aim to uphold in this program. This program will test your physicality, your intelligence, and your sanity. But if you stick with it, you'll leave as a one of the few who can call themselves United States Naval Officers.

Thank you and welcome to your Fall semester. Hook'em!