Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

BNCO's Message

I am thrilled to be one of the first to welcome you to the Naval ROTC Battalion (BN) here at The University of Texas at Austin.  I am Midshipman First Class (MIDN 1/C) Jagannathan Ravichandran, and I am your BN Commanding Officer for the Fall 2018 semester.  As the newest members of our BN, you represent the next class of a 78-year lineage of UT Naval ROTC that spans many generations.  Your class, the class of 2022, will continue the tradition that produced a multitude of successful officers that have gone on to have extraordinary Naval careers, with many reaching the rank of Admiral or General.  Following their Naval careers, many of these individuals went on to become astronauts, CEOs and presidents of organizations, and even the Chancellor of the UT System.  Our program continues in a 243-year tradition of military excellence that is our Navy and Marine Corps.  Take pride in being a part of such a rich organization and in the hard work that got you here.

During your first year, you will have the privilege and opportunity to participate in some of the many teams that the BN has to offer.  Examples of such teams are Buccaneer Drill Team, one of the oldest Naval ROTC drill teams in the nation, and the Endurance Team, whose culminating event is at a 9000 ft. altitude in the Rocky Mountains.  Now you can look forward to being part of our successful teams.

The BN will push you to develop morally, mentally, and physically to prepare you for the challenges of leadership that are inherent to your future as an officer.  New Student Orientation is the beginning of your career as a MIDN.  We expect you to show up on time, in uniform, and with a learning mentality, ready to observe and absorb training.

Finally, I want to say that I expect your very best.  Your friends, family, fellow Midshipmen, and advisors are here to help.  You are starting with a blank slate, so make your mark.