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People involved in the NSLM Wave 2

Principal Investigators

David S. Yeager (PI)

Dr. Yeager is a developmental psychologist with expertise in the science of adolescent behavior change and in educational interventions. He is a William T. Grant Foundation scholar, where the focus of his award is on the intersection between psychological interventions and social contexts. He is the PI of the National Study of Learning Mindsets, and will assume primary responsibility for overall project management, communicating with advisory board members, arranging meetings, and implementing recommendations.  Dr. Yeager is a member of the Mindset Scholars Network Scientific Steering Committee and will assist with dataset dissemination and public communications about the findings.

Chandra Muller (Co-PI)

Dr. Muller is a sociologist with expertise in long-run effects of education. She will work with project members on analysis of the mindset intervention effects on coursework portfolios, she will oversee the coding, processing, and construction of indicators for the high school transcripts of this project, and the archiving of the data with ICPSR. She will write high profile papers in collaboration with other team members. Dr. Muller has substantial experience with data collection. She was the PI on the Add Health education component that collected, coded and analyzed high school transcripts and is currently PI on the High School and Beyond Midlife Follow-up Study (funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the NSF) that uses high school indicators, including coursework, to predict midlife outcomes related to working longer and health. She is currently the chair of the NAEP HSTS Technical Panel, is the recent past chair of the ICPSR Council, and is a member of the Mindset Scholars Network Scientific Steering Committee.

Robert Crosnoe (Co-PI)

Dr. Crosnoe supports the PI on the management of the project and, in particularly, works with Dr. Muller to on the theoretical framework of inequalities in course-taking, coding the administrative data for advanced versus basic course-taking, and managing the datasets at the PRC. He is especially involved in coordinating between the PRC and ICF and crafting products for sociological audiences. He is a sociologist and developmental scientist with ample experience in large-scale data collections, including transcript studies (e.g., as CO-I of the AHAA and PI of the final wave of the NICHD SECCYD). Crosnoe is the mentor for Yeager’s WTG scholars award, a long-time collaborator of Dr. Muller, an active participant in the MSN, and a scholar with ample experience translating research for public use, including as a board member for the Council on Contemporary Families and President of the Society for Research on Adolescence.

NSLM Project Staff

Study Director: Dr. Pratik Mhatre

Pratik is the Study Director for the NSLM project and will serve as the primary liaison between the PIs, sub-contracted firms, IRBs, and other organizations. He manages the day-to-day operations of the project and coordinates the recruitment, data processing, and the RPP team to ensure timeliness and efficiency toward project goals. He also maintains and monitors budgets and other administrative task in collaboration with the PRC Administrative Support staff. Pratik has extensive experience in grant management and served as the Co-PI and Project Director for UT Austin’s GEAR UP grant prior to joining the NSLM project. He’s currently also advising the Utah and Texas GEAR UP State Grants on their outcome analysis and grant management.

Associate Study Director: Dr. Jamie Carroll

Jamie is the Associate Study Director for the National Study of Learning Mindsets. She assists the Study Director in data collection and processing and helps to recruit and retain schools in the project by writing newsletters, organizing events, and leading professional development workshops for teachers. Jamie's research interests involve how institutions stratify individual outcomes across the life course by empowering some and disengaging others. She uses quantitative methods to examine how educational institutions can reproduce and disrupt inequalities in health and civic participation. Using the NSLM data, she examines how learning contexts and student-teacher relationships constrain and support students’ advanced course-taking.

Lead Programmer: Dr. William Robert Reynolds

Robert is a trained computer scientist who has been working in population research for several decades. He is the liaison to the technical core, which will manage the server and the code/syntax archiving, and the research team, which will set the agenda for data cleaning and documentation tasks. Robert will lead data analysis and processing aspects of the projects and will work with the Study Director in ensuring the external subcontracted firm deliver data deliverables as per specifications.

Associate Programmer: Dr. Jenny Buontempo

Jenny assists the Lead Programmer in ensuring efficiency and timeliness in code/syntax archiving, data cleaning and validation, and other related documentation tasks. She and the Lead Programmer work on ensuring creation of analytical datasets for the PIs. Prior to working on the NSLM, Jenny was the lead programmer for Sean Reardon’s Stanford Education Data Archive.

School Recruitment Team: Dr. Andre Audette and Ryan Bell, M.Ed.

Our lead school recruiter, Andre Audette, was the lead on many of the original NSLM schools. He is a former National Board-Certified teacher, holds an Ed.D, and for 10 years led the instructional coaching initiatives at a public-school district in Rhode Island. He is assisted by Ryan Bell, who holds a M.Ed. in secondary education and taught for 7 years. They visited all 76 schools this past year.

Research-Practice Partnership Consultant: Matthew Williams, M.Ed.

As the RPP Director, Matt leads the research-practice partnership for the NSLM project. He is the primary liaison between the participating schools and the project in terms of delivering professional learning sessions, creating networking opportunities, and disseminating research-based findings to help schools improve their outcomes. He holds an MA in Education from the Stanford University POLS program and was a principal in the Bronx, NY and at Goodwill High School in Austin, Tx. Matt has a long history with the NSLM; he was invited to speak as an expert practitioner at a meeting at the White House in 2013, which launched the NSLM.


Population Research Center (PRC) Core Staff

The Population Research Center is supported by administrative and technical staff with expertise in budgets, contracts, data security, and more. These staff is available to assist the study director in monitoring and updating budgets, hiring, and contracts-related work. The PRC staff also assists the Lead Programmer in ensuring data security and acts as a liaison between PRC and the university IT Security department.