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The ODPS supports UT students and alumni interested in applying for prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships. Some of these opportunties allow applicants to apply directly for the fellowship or scholarship. However, other scholarships and fellowships require an applicant to be endorsed (or nominated) by their academic institution such as the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. In these instances, applicants will go through the UT endorsement process.

UT students and alumni should identify scholarships that align with their academic and professional interests. Review the mission, eligibility requirements, and selection criteria of each opportunity. Applicants are strongly encouraged to share their intent and request assistance with their applications from the ODPS staff.

Why should you apply?

By applying for these prestigious awards, you will learn a lot about yourself and your areas of interest; you will become a better writer; and you will assemble a group of supporters for the next phase of your life. Not all who apply win a scholarship, but everyone who does benefits greatly from the tranformative experience.

Valeria Colunga

2021-22 Rhodes Global finalist
2022 Oxford-Wiedenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship Recipient 

Valeria's advice to future applicants: “Give yourself a chance! Many people decide to not apply because they consider themselves not worthy enough. You need to choose between being your own detractor or supporter. Apply not for external validation, but as a testament of self-love. As a global applicant for the Rhodes Scholarship, I want to invite students from all backgrounds and identities to apply and believe in themselves.”

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