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Endorsement Process

Some scholarships and fellowships require a candidate to be endorsed (or nominated) by their academic institution such as the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. In these instances, applicants will go through the UT endorsement process. After submission of the application, the following is included in the endorsement process:

  • A committee will review submitted applications and select candidates to proceed to the next stage. The selection committee may consist of UT faculty, staff, previous award winners, and community members.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to interview with UT selection committee. Interviews are usually held two- to three weeks after the submission deadline. If you are invited to interview, please prepare for it. Tips: thoroughly review information discussed in application, review current events, particularly those relevant to your interests, review some commonly asked questions, and practice.
  • Based on the written materials and interview, the committee will select candidates to be endorsed by the university. Upon completion, each applicant will be notified of their status (selected for nomination; selected as an alternate; or denied). 

Nominated students are expected to work closely with ODPS staff and mentors to revise materials and submit their finalized application by the scholarship’s deadline.

Depending on the scholarship and number of applicants, selections may be determined solely on the written application.