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Diversity and Organizational Climate

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College of Liberal Arts Statement on Diversity

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive academic community in which all members are equally respected and valued. We define diversity broadly to include, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, (dis)ability, veteran status, and age.

We believe diversity inspires and increases excellence. Interacting and collaborating with talented people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives is fundamental to education at a public university, as it enriches the environment for learning, discovery and public service. Students learn to challenge their own ideas, to critically analyze new information, to think more creatively and become better prepared to succeed in an increasingly diverse state and country as well as in the wider global society. We believe that individuals can only achieve their full potential when they are in a supportive and welcoming environment that allows the free and civil exchange of ideas.  We are therefore dedicated to providing a climate where all can prosper, realize their full potential, and truly change the world.

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Ann Huff Stevens
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

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Monique Payne Pikus
Director of Diversity and Organizational Climate, College of Liberal Arts 

Inclusion Consultations

The university offers several training workshops and seminars in a variety of topics related to diversity:

The College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office of Diversity and Organizational Climate also offers diversity, inclusion, and organizational climate consultations for faculty, staff, and students in our college. We prioritize consultations in areas not currently offered by the university. Fill out this form to request a consultation.

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File a Complaint

If you experience or become aware of discrimination or harassment, please report the violation to the appropriate unit:

Photo of Monique Pikus

Monique Pikus

Director of Diversity and Organizational Climate


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