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College of Liberal Arts Student Affairs


The mission of the Student Division of the College of Liberal Arts is to provide personalized guidance and support to students throughout their University experience. By facilitating the timely graduation of liberal arts students while upholding the policies and procedures of our College, we ensure the academic integrity of our degree programs as well as the values and reputation of The University.

As members of the Student Division, we advocate for students when appropriate, provide assistance in attaining their academic goals, and act as liaisons to the professional and academic community. We respect individual differences and encourage self-reliance in students. Though students deserve and need our support, they must assume ultimate responsibility for their academic and personal success.

In all its activities, the Student Division encourages student commitment to critical thinking and effective communication and to a culture of excellence, leadership, and personal responsibility, so that they may serve as catalysts for change in a dynamic world.  We accomplish these goals by working together as a team that incorporates and values the various skills and talents of each staff member while creating a workplace that fosters personal and professional growth.

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Please contact Casey Bushman at or 512-471-4271.