Portuguese Flagship Program

A Year in Brazil:

Making the leap from Advanced to Superior Proficiency

 Capstone Overview:

The Capstone offers an unprecedented opportunity for students to raise their proficiency to the next level through an immersive study abroad and internship experience. Offered each year, the Capstone runs from February-December in Brazil.  Students are given the opportunity to for total immersion by studying and living along side Brazilian students the first semester, and interning anywhere in the country the following semester. The goal of the Capstone is to provide an immersive educational and professional experience to bring proficiency to a Superior level.

Capstone Timeline:

Spring Semester: Study at UFSJ in São João del Rei, in the state of Minas Gerias, Brazil. To get a general idea of how UFSJ courses transfer to U.S. institutions (specifically, UGA), please click here. UFSJ course descriptions can be found here.

Fall Semester: Intern anywhere in the country at an internship related to a student's major or interest.

Portuguese Flagship Overseas Team:

Benefits of the Capstone:

  • A full year program in Brazil running from February to December (Brazilian academic year).
  • Advanced language and Brazilian culture classes as well as the option to take discipline-based courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, education, food science, languages, math, and other fields.
  • Cultural excursions to Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and other nearby sites in the state of São Paulo.
  • A coordinated internship program with local companies, NGOs, international organizations, or within the university.
  • Pre-departure orientation
* Participation in the Capstone Experience is mandatory for all PFP scholars

Eligibility & Admissions:

In order to be eligible for the Capstone Experience, PFP scholars must meet the following criteria: