Portuguese Flagship Program

Language & Culture in Salvador












Program Introduction

Although not required, it is highly encouraged that Flagship Scholars attend the Language & Culture in Salvador summer session to help improve their proficiency in preparation for the Capstone year.

During the Language & Culture in Salvador program, students will live in a 500-year-old city and UNESCO World Heritage site, built atop spectacular beachside cliffs that overlook the tropical coastline. While in Salvador, students will enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about intercultural communication and the local language, taught by either a UT professor or local instructors. Students will immerse themselves in the culture of the region via a homestay and enjoy the various festivals that take place in the month of June, featuring local music, food, religion, and Afro-Brazilian traditions.

Students live in home stays in areas relatively close to the school but distances vary. Homestay includes 3 meals per day. Students are required to live in program housing. 

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Program Overview: Academic Information


 Students earn a total of 6 credits and may choose from various tracks. POR 353 is taught by UT Professor, Orlando Kelm and has a Global Cultures Flag. All other courses are taught by local professors and are transferred to UT upon successful completion of the program. 


  • POR 353 - Sociolinguistics: Where Language and Culture Meet in Brazil and
    POR 329S - Upper Division Topics in Portuguese or
  • POR 601D - Introductory Portuguese or
  • POR 611D - Intermediate Portuguese II or
  • POR 610S - Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I or
  • POR 611S - Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II

Program Dates: Summer First (May 29, 2021 to July 10, 2021)

  • Final Deadline to Apply: Feburary 15, 2021