Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

35th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

Sat, March 24, 2012

35th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

Thursday-Saturday, March 22-24 in Waggener Hall

Celebrating 45 years of the Joint Classics and Philosophy Graduate Program in Ancient Philosophy




Thursday, March 22 in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116) 7-9:30 pm

Emily Katz, Michigan State University

Blake Hestir. Texas Christian University

Friday, March 23 in David Miller Conference Room (Waggener 316) 9:15-11:45 am 

Dhananjay Jagannathan, University of Chicago

Nathan Powers, University at Albany

Friday, March 23 in David Miller Conference Room (Waggener 316) 1:45-6 pm

Mark Johnstone, McMaster University

Sylvia Berryman, University of British Columbia

Founders Address: Deborah Modrak, University of Rochester

  • Why True? Thoughts and Objects in Aristotle's Semantics


Saturday, March 24 in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116) 9:15 am-noon

Christopher Raymond, University of Texas at Austin

Marc Gasser, Harvard University

Saturday, March 24 in Classics Conference Room (Waggener 116) 1:30-6 pm

 Mehmet Erginel, Eastern Mediterranean University

Christopher Buckels, University of California – Davis

Peter Larsen, Trinity College Dublin


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Sponsored by: Departments of Classics and Philosophy

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