Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Sixth MLK Conference: A one day conference for graduate students of philosophy

Mon, January 17, 2011 | WAG 316

9:15 AM - 5:30 PM

9.15: coffee, cinnamon rolls
9.30-10.30: Derek Anderson: "Varieties of mental externalism".
Commentator: Marco Aurélio.
Chair: Kate Ritchie.
Fatema Amijee: "Propositional structure in Russell's Principles".
Commentator: Casey Woolwine
Chair: Siwing Tsoi.
11.50-12.50: Duane Long: "Qualitative and quantitative excellence and the doctrine of the mean".
Commentator: Jeremy Evans.
Chair: Jonathan Vanderhoek
12.50: box lunch (provided)
2.00-3.00: Travis Hobbs: "Patching up Forbes's Neo-Fregeanism"
Commentator: Stephen Davey
Chair: Steven James
3.10-4.10: Jerry Green: "Mad pain and mollusc pain: multiple realization as an empirical hypothesis".
Commentator: Ivan Hu.
Chair: David Frank.
4.20-5.20: Brian Cutter: "Vague boundaries and predicate meaning".
Commentator: Malcolm Keating
Chair: Nora Berenstain
5.30: Beer

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