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Student profile: Beau

Beau Lourcey
Plan II, Aerospace Engineering
Minor in Business
Class of 2022

Hello! My name is Beau Lourcey, and I am an incoming third year studying Plan II and aerospace engineering. Many people have asked me why I chose such an odd combination of majors, and honestly, there are too many reasons to list. The biggest reason is simply that I love engineering, and I love everything that Plan II stands for. That being said, I also came from a very small high school, with a graduating class of fourteen students, so coming to UT was quite intimidating! I almost did not choose UT simply for its size, but after I got accepted into Plan II, I knew everything would be okay. Plan II offered me the chance to still be a part of a small, close-knit community, without missing out on the experiences of a big school.

As much as I love Plan II’s impact on my life during college, it is also greatly impactful of my life outside of college. While my aerospace engineering degree may provide the specific set of knowledge required to pursue a career in rocketry, my Plan II studies influence how I interact with all other facets of my life. My sophomore year philosophy class alone changed how I define morality in my life, such that I can feel more confident in my ability to act in a way that benefits my communities. Furthermore, my freshman year tutorial course on freedom and liberty begged the question: what does it really mean to be free? These questions, and the answers I subsequently spent the semester searching for, changed who I am for the better.

But talking just about what I learned from Plan II would be a disservice. I’ve also had a blast in every class! My world literature professor (Doherty!) was incredible! He always kept us on our toes, and made sure that we really studied literature from all around the world. He expanded my definition of literature, and made sure we had a good time while doing it. Meanwhile, I actually enjoyed writing the essays for my philosophy class! I looked forward to them! That’s not something you’ll get in other classes, in my opinion. I may not have known how fun these classes would be when I first joined Plan II, but it will certainly be something I will remember even after college.

There is one last thing you should know about Plan II, and about me. The next time you tell someone that you are a Plan II student, they’ll almost certainly ask you “what is Plan II?”. You might think that that is a simple question, but if you are anything like me, you’ll always struggle to answer. Not because you don’t know what Plan II is, but more importantly, because you don’t know how to put all of these experiences and opportunities into just a few sentences.


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