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Lifelong learning.

Plan II students graduate with exceptional writing, communication, and analytical skills that can be applied to virtually any career path (including those that don’t even exist yet!). Whether entering the workforce immediately following graduation or pursuing medical, law, MBA, or graduate studies, Plan II students are highly competitive for whatever path they choose after graduation. Several Plan II students have gone on to win national scholarships for their graduate study, such as the Rhodes, Marshall and Truman Scholarships.

Plan II, the College of Liberal Arts, and the University all offer students a variety of career exploration resources and support that students should take advantage of throughout their four years. Plan II offers paid internships at museums and libraries on campus, and Liberal Arts Career Services help students find and prepare for off-campus internship opportunities. During students’ sophomore year, Plan II holds a series of workshops about various career opportunities, and students will hear from alumni about how their Plan II education prepared them for their careers. And if you have no idea about the whole deciding-on-a-career thing, that’s ok too – the University has free career counseling and coaching services to help you get there.

Explore your passions, challenge your mind, find your path.


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