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Student profile: Christina


Christina Rios
Plan II & pre-med
Class of 2020

My name is Christina Rios, and I am an incoming third-year student in the Plan II Honors program at UT Austin. A purely Plan II student with a focus in Pre-Medical Studies, I entered UT believing it would be difficult to integrate my interests in the sciences, literature, and international affairs with my already heavy academic load. After spending merely a year as a Plan II student, however, I found it to be more than possible to explore all of my academic interests and more through the incredibly diverse opportunities that being a Plan II student provides.

This past year, I not only was offered the opportunity to be the Plan II Lozano Institute of Latin American Studies intern, but I was also able to begin my independent research with the Plan II Modes of Reasoning class regarding the electromagnetic sense of sharks. My time working with LLILAS, UT’s nationally ranked Latin American studies center, presented me with the opportunity to connect and work with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, Felipe Gonzalez Morales. In working with Mr. Gonzalez, I have been able to coauthor several documents for official use of the United Nations while also having the opportunity to attend international conferences on the rights of migrants in Latin American countries such as Costa Rica. Though I will not be continuing my internship with LLILAS this upcoming year, I will continue working alongside Professor Gonzalez and the United Nations to fight for the rights of migrants.

In working with the Modes of Reasoning class, I have been provided the opportunity to begin my independent research evaluating the properties of the conductive substance in sharks’ Ampullae of Lorenzini. Simultaneously, my involvement with the Modes of Reasoning class has enabled me to work with an independent think tank as a research and planning advisor, allowing me to diversify my professional portfolio even further.

Overall, being a part of Plan II has opened a plethora of doors for me and has enabled me to participate in experiences I never thought possible. Reflecting back on my experiences during these past two years, I cannot even begin to imagine what is in store for me these next couple of years as a Plan II student!

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