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Below are the names of some Plan II student recruiters who are available to answer any questions you may have about life in Plan II, and other “insider information” you seek. These current students will be happy to share their personal impressions of Plan II, their decision process when they chose Plan II over other schools, their classroom and dorm experiences, their “extra-curricular” experiences, etc.

For instructions on how to apply to Plan II, please browse through our Admission pages, which direct you to official application information.

Feel free to ask them questions you may have about the Program, your decision to attend Plan II Honors, if they combine Plan II with another major or degree, or any other concerns you might anticipate as a applicant.  Each student's double-major and/or dual-degree information (including pre-med and pre-law) is noted. 

Please note:  These volunteers are available to share their personal experiences as Plan II Honors majors at the University of Texas at Austin.  They cannot assist future students in the application process or with any kind of registration advising.  We want to be very sure every Plan II student gets solid information from our trained, professional admissions and advising staff.

FYE=first year entered (UT Austin and Plan II Honors); so.......14=fall 2014, and 15=fall semester of 2015, etc.

Student Contacts Pursuing Double-Majors in Liberal Arts

  • Alexis Allen, Plan II Honors, Spanish minor (FYE 15) Business Foundations certificate,Texas Lassos, Black Student Alliance, Freshman Action Team, Plan II Student Association
  • Eshan Dabak, Plan II Honors/Economics, Math minor (FYE 14)
  • Cecilia Handy, Plan II Honors (FYE 15), University orchestra
  • Ana Lopez, Plan II (FYE 15) pre-med, interest in English as well
  • Chessie Reese, Plan II Honors/Gov (FYE 15), Forty Acres Scholar

Double-Majors in Architecture

  • Hank Parker, Plan II Honors/Architecture (FYE 11)  Business Foundations (Completed Halliburton Business Foundations Summer Institute) and Commercial Real Estate certificates through McCombs School of Business. I transferred into Architecture as a second-year student, so I am able to advise on the transfer process.  Lived in Castillian Dorms 1st year; currently living in a house with fraternity brothers north of campus. Can advise what steps necessary to secure off-campus housing.  Beta Upsilon Chi (BYX) fraternity.  Austin Stone Community Church.

Double-Majors in Fine Arts

  • Hannah Rotwein, Plan II Honors/Studio Art, (FYE 13), 5-year program to complete a BA and BFA

Double-Majors in Communication

  • Roopa Nagarajan, Plan II Honors/Advertising (FYE 15) graphic design, UX/UI, and managing time around all the movies I watch!

Double-Majors in Natural Sciences

  • Laura Zhang, Plan II Honors/Neuroscience (FYE 14),  Business Foundations Certificate and the Evidence and Inquiry Certificate, Terry Foundation Scholar, as well as, a Polymathic Scholar, Additionally, I have an internship at the Center for Women in Law at the UT law school, and I am also a CNS representative in Student Government. In my spare time, I often volunteer at Austin Pets Alive! and am also a violinist in a service-rooted quartet called Project Soli

Double-Majors in Jackson School of Geosciences

Double-Majors in Engineering

  • John "Trey" Curran, Plan II Honors/Aerospace Engineering (FYE 13)
  • Jana DSouza, Plan II Honors/Chemical Engineering (FYE 15) Special Interests:sports, reading, plan 2 books, American institute of chemical engineers 

Double-Majors in Business

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