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Below are the names of some Plan II student recruiters who are available to answer any questions you may have about life in Plan II, and other “insider information” you seek. These current students will be happy to share their personal impressions of Plan II, their decision process when they chose Plan II over other schools, their classroom and dorm experiences, their “extra-curricular” experiences, etc.

For instructions on how to apply to Plan II, please browse through our Admission pages, which direct you to official application information.

Feel free to ask them questions you may have about the Program, your decision to attend Plan II Honors, if they combine Plan II with another major or degree, or any other concerns you might anticipate as a applicant.  Each student's double-major and/or dual-degree information (including pre-med and pre-law) is noted.  If you do not see another major you are interested in pairing Plan II Honors with, please contact Plan II Admissions.  We will try to put you in contact with a current student.

Please note:  These volunteers are available to share their personal experiences as Plan II Honors majors at the University of Texas at Austin.  They cannot assist future students in the application process or with any kind of registration advising.  We want to be very sure every Plan II student gets solid information from our trained, professional admissions and advising staff.

Double-Majors in Liberal Arts

Austin Montgomery, Plan II and International Relations
Hey y’all! I’m Austin Montgomery, and I’m a Plan II/International Relations sophomore. I’m also involved in University Democrats, the Senate of College Councils, and the Black Honors Student Association.

Anthony Douglas, Plan II and Government
I am a Plan II and Government double major focused on international relations and democratic studies, with an emphasis on finding solutions to poverty and social inequality. I also have a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies, as well as one in History. I have held various leadership positions across campus, including Vice President of both the Black Student Alliance and the Black Honors Students Association, as well as a host of other positions. Outside of campus, I have experience working for political parties, nonprofit organizations, and research institutions. 

Issac James, Plan II and Government with a Minor in LGBTQ+ Studies
I enjoy being active both on campus and off campus in a variety of roles. I’m interested in students’ ability to enact direct change at the university level, which has led to my participation in Senate as the Co-Chair of the Academic Policy Committee and my appointment to the Student Government Supreme Court as an Associate Justice. Additionally, I’m passionate about advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, which has led to my current role as Director of the Queer and Trans Student Alliance and Committee Member for the 2019 Austin AIDS Walk. And, of course, as a government major, I love anything and everything that has to do with writing, debating, and passing legislation, which quickly pulled me into a job at the Texas Capitol during the 86th Legislative Session.

Ilisa Norman, Plan II and BA Psychology 
Here on campus I enjoy being a part of change in the community by working to get students registered to vote around election times as well as being a part of the Plan II KIPP Austin partnership to foster a greater education for future generations. I love exploring Austin and have created a mental map of the city thanks to all the dogs I’ve housesat for and the hiking areas I’ve visited. 

Grace Ann Hornfischer, Plan II and History/Journalism Minor
I love running and and listening to music. I also enjoy taking photos and watching movies in my free time. I plan on pursing a law degree after graduation and potentially taking a gap year beforehand to travel and teach English in another country.

Double-Majors in Fine Arts

Libby Carr, Plan II Honors/Theatre & Dance/Women's and Gender Studies minor/Creative Writing Certficate
Contact me if you have questions about theatre, playwriting, dance organizations on campus, LGBTQ organizations on campus, or working while in school!
Double-Majors in Communication

Adriana Kelly, Plan II and Public Relations
I am in the Moody College Honors Program. I'm interested in the intersection of science and communication, especially in museums or hospitals. Outside of the classroom, you'll find me working as a tour guide for prospective communication students or planning dorm activities as an RA. 

Greg Phea, Plan II and Corporate Communications
My interests inside the classroom are ethical studies in classical antiquity, ethical judgments in racial matters, and criminal justice reform. My interests outside the classroom are Communication Council, Student Government, Black Honors Student Association, and civic activities near and around campus.

Double-Majors in Natural Sciences

Ishank Arora, Plan II and Computer Science
I have one motto: research hard, chocolate reward. I have one belief: the principles of economics rule us. I have one desire: to live till I am 100 and not a day more.

Jack Spier, Plan II and Biochemistry
I am a sophomore, pre-medical student double majoring in Plan II and Biochemistry.  While I have strong interests in science and the humanities, I also have a passion for learning and improving my Spanish.  Outside of the classroom, I am the Social and Event Coordinator for the Plan II Pre-Medical Honor Society, an active member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society, and an active member of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.  As a sports fanatic, I spend a lot of time playing intramurals and make sure to attend every UT football game.

Haven Erengil, Plan II and Neuroscience (with a Spanish certificate)
I am a junior here at the University of Texas. On-campus, I am a Plan II/Neuroscience student, FRI research assistant, and a member of UT's Pre-Veterinary society. I have past experience with a number of off-campus activities such as the NCAA women's rowing team, fostering pets for APA!, and studying abroad. Now that I've found my niche in the university, I feel that my ongoing off-campus activities really embody who I am and what I love. Currently, I am Vice-Captain of the Texas Equestrian Team, I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta, I love to crochet, I volunteer at a veterinary hospital, and I'm searching for a J-O-B... If you have any questions about life here at UT, I'd love to talk to you more about my experience so far and how much Plan II has helped me grow!

Sara Irvine, Plan II and Physics
I am a second-year Physics/ Plan II major from Athens, Georgia. I am a giant history nerd and worked at a historic house in high school, which is how I first got interested in Plan II. It is a unique program and I have found some of my closest friends through the major. I find double majoring in physics and Plan II to be fun, even though it is a lot of work I still find time to do plenty of other things. I love volenteering through Plan II with there partnership with KIPP schools in Austin. I'm also a runner so if you are curious about all of the good places to run in Austin ask! Also, I am an out of state student if you are interested in that experience.

Thomas Hebner Plan II/Mathmatics/Philosophy
I'm triple majoring in Plan II, Mathematics, and Philosophy. Before coming to UT, I grew up in New Jersey, so I have experience with adjusting to life in a state as unique as Texas. Outside of the classroom, I played on the club lacrosse team here at UT for a few years. Now, I spend most of my time in the gym, at Zilker Park, or exploring new places around Austin and the rest of Texas. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about life at UT both inside and outside of the classroom or if you just want answers to all those burning questions only other students can answer!

Christina Kelly, Plan II and Biology/Pre-med
I am a Plan II and Biology Pre-Med student. I am an athlete on the UT Club Field Hockey team and compete with the Texas Bass Fishing Team as well. I even started my own fishing club (Texas Fish Club) in January 2019. Lastly, I am a member of the sorority Chi Omega. 

Ashka Dighe, Plan II/Health&Society/Neuroscience
I'm a third year Plan II student from Houston, TX. Outside of class, I'm very involved in campus sexual assault prevention and have been working with It's On Us, Know Your IX, and Deeds Not Words. I'm also in Texas 4000 for Cancer, a 4000 mile charity bike ride from Austin to Anchorage to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. 
Double-Majors in Engineering

Swetha Berana, Plan II/ Electrical and Computer Engineering/Certificate in Creative Writing
I enjoy playing the violin, guitar and piano, embedded systems and programming, and journalism. Outside of class, I am working on developing my own podcast about education and mental health, managing a Women in STEM nonprofit, and interning at a civic technology startup here in Austin. Hook 'em!

Parth Gupta, Plan II/Computational Engineering and Government minor
I am a currently a senior in Plan II and Engineering. During my time at UT Austin, I have fostered an interest in public policy and national security, particularly related to cyber security. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in government and national security. I am originally from Temple, TX and enjoy playing the cello, swimming, and biking.

Ari Takvorian, Plan II/Electrical Engineering
I’m a third-year Plan II/Electrical Engineer from Austin. My main focus at UT is Data Science and Information Processing, but, outside the classroom, I’m a super big sports fan!

Saagar Pateder, Plan II/Electrical Engineering/Business Honors
My interests include; Personal Finance, Cars, Plant-Based "Meat", and Electricity

John Ketterer, Plan II/Mechanical Engineering Honors/French
I enjoy Product Design, Board Games, Documentaries, and Catholicism
Double-Majors in Business

Mark Csoros, Plan II and Marketing
I'm fascinated by the narratives that individuals and groups use to make decisions, especially in government and business. On campus, that interest has led me to a dual Plan II/Marketing major, an editorship with the Texas Orator (UT's first non-partisan, student-led political review), a varsity spot on the UT Men's Rugby team, and active membership in the McCombs Leadership Program. Off campus, I work as a staffer for  a non-profit judicial reform organization, volunteer coach a debate club in south Austin, and write for a debate publishing company based in Colorado. 

Annabelle Furrh, Plan II and Business
I am interested in art and travel and enjoy baking and exercising in my free time. My favorite thing about Plan II is being a part of the Plan II Community and getting to meet and be friends with so many interesting and different people. I am also a FIG (First-Year Interest Group) Mentor and would be happy to answer any questions about that program as well.

Kati Chen, Plan II/Business Honors/MIS
I enjoy social entrepreneurship, art history and theory, and grocery shopping after 10PM. I am involved in Delta Sigma Pi, Liberal Arts Council, and Texas 4000. I am a writer, sometimes.

Rahul Das, Plan II/Business Honors/Marketing/Applied Statstical Modeling Certificate
Hi there! My name is Rahul, and I am a junior here at UT majoring in Plan II, BHP, and Marketing. Outside of class, I run a social nonprofit called The Exponentialists; read bedtime stories to kids going through tough times; help lead a student-led pro-bono consulting organization; and love participating in case competitions. If you want to talk to me about my extracurricular involvement or even the most random things like my passion for sharks, please reach out!

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