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Ayana D'Aguilar
Plan II & Islamic Studies
Hindi Urdu Flagship Program
Class of 2019

I am a fourth-year student triple-majoring in Plan II, Islamic studies and South Asian languages with a minor in French. When I came to UT from Houston, Texas the first thing I did was join UT Saaya, a Bollywood Fusion Dance team––completely on a whim. I’d never heard of anything like it, and I had no idea what they did, but I wanted to try something totally new. I quickly realized that I wanted to pursue my interests in South Asian culture, so (like most people) I changed my major freshman year. I went from international relations to South Asian languages when I got accepted to the Hindi Urdu Flagship, and then I added an Islamic Studies major. Read more about Ayana here.

Brandon Curtis
Plan II, Radio-Television-Film, English
Senior Fellows, Moody College of Communication 
Class of 2019

My name is Brandon K. Curtis, and I am an incoming third-year student from Kerrville, Texas. Like many of my fellow Plan II-ers, I’m academically involved in other departments at UT Austin, which include Radio-Television-Film (RTF), English, and Business, Government, and Society (BGS). I’m also a member of the final cohort of Senior Fellows in the Moody College of Communication, which will soon merge with the new four-year Moody College Honors Program. It’s only because of the freedom and flexibility that Plan II offers that I’m able to take on three majors, two transcript-recognized certificates, two honors programs, and one minor while staying on track to graduate in four years. Read more about Brandon here.

Eunice Iyalho
Plan II & History
UTeach-Liberal Arts Program
Class of 2020

Howdy! My name is Eunice and I’m a third year student studying Plan II and History. In addition to my two majors, I am in the UTeach-Liberal Arts Program and am getting a certificate in Children and Society from the Bridging Disciplines Program. From the first day, my Plan II classes started to dramatically shape me. Thanks to World Lit, I broke from the confines of the 18th-20th century Western European/U.S. literary sphere. We read ancient texts and modern graphic novels and nearly everything in-between. I started to reflect on what it means to be a citizen of the world and it wasn’t enough to just read foreign news or have superficial knowledge of different countries. Read more about Eunice here.

Christina Rios
Plan II & pre-med
Class of 2020

My name is Christina Rios, and I am an incoming third-year student in the Plan II Honors program at UT Austin. A purely Plan II student with a focus in Pre-Medical Studies, I entered UT believing it would be difficult to integrate my interests in the sciences, literature, and international affairs with my already heavy academic load. After spending merely a year as a Plan II student, however, I found it to be more than possible to explore all of my academic interests and more through the incredibly diverse opportunities that being a Plan II student provides. Read more about Christina here.

Melissa Hall
Plan II & Electrical Engineering Honors
Undergraduate Fellow, Clements Center for National Security
Class of 2019

I am a fourth-year student at UT studying Plan II and Electrical & Computer Engineering. Throughout all of high school, I took computer science and engineering classes. As a native Houstonian, I knew of UT’s renown in the engineering disciplines. However, several of my favorite experiences in high school applied skills and perspectives that weren’t a primary focus of engineering classes, such as understanding the experiences of others, communicating my perspective and beliefs, and collaborating with and motivating others. When I learned of Plan II, I realized that its focus on literature, history, philosophy, language, and other humanities would fill the desire I had for a richer undergraduate education. Read more about Melissa here.

Micky Wolf
Plan II, Business Honors, Psychology
Student Body Vice President, 2017-18
Class of 2018

My name is Micky Wolf, and I am an incoming senior studying Plan II, Business Honors, and Psychology. In my role as Student Body Vice President in Student Government this year, I hope to follow in the footsteps of many dedicated Plan II alumni and leave our University a better place than I found it. If you are giving even an inkling of thought to applying to/joining Plan II, my best advice to you: Just do it. Thanks to Plan II, I have found my passion, traveled the world, and made some of my best friends. Read more about Micky here.

Quynhanh Tran
Plan II, Government, Economics
Women & Gender Studies minor
Class of 2019

Hi, y’all! I’m Quynhanh, and I’m a junior Plan II, Government, and Economics major with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. I learned about Plan II in high school from a friend who ended up also joining the program. At the time, I just wanted a break from the heavy math and science courseload that I’d had for four years. Little did I know how much Plan II would shape my concept of servant leadership.  Read more about Quynhanh here.

Dylan Fall
Plan II & Biochemistry
Graduate Certificate in Public Health
Class of 2018

My name is Dylan Fall, and I am an incoming fourth-year Plan II and Biochemistry double major, with a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Looking back, Plan II has been a consistently helpful and significant part of my undergraduate educational experience here at the University of Texas. As a pre-medical student, my Plan II curriculum has always challenged and engaged me on intellectual levels distinct from other classes I’ve taken at UT Austin, and has helped me feel that I am actually getting a quality, comprehensive education about the world around me, rather than simply gaining the necessary pre-requisite knowledge to advance to the next level of my professional journey. Read more about Dylan here.

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