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Additional Plan II student profiles can be found on the Plan II Peer Mentoring page.

Sheyla Rodman
Plan II & Psychology
Minor in Government
Class of 2023

Hello! My name is Sheyla Rodman, and I am an incoming second-year student majoring in Plan II and Psychology with a minor in Government. I am from Laredo, TX, a border town situated right between the U.S. and Mexico. That being said, coming to UT was a major culture shock. As a first-generation Hispanic student, I was overwhelmed with fear and worry about how my next four years would pan out given that I’ve never been in this kind of environment before. To my surprise, I quickly found a community and a sense of belonging within Plan II. Plan II is full of people with a diverse set of interests and experiences; from befriending great classmates to connecting with brilliant professors, getting to know this amazing community has been one of the most enriching experiences of my college career. Read more about Sheyla here.

Beau Lourcey
Plan II, Aerospace Engineering
Minor in Business
Class of 2022

Hello! My name is Beau Lourcey, and I am an incoming third year studying Plan II and aerospace engineering. Many people have asked me why I chose such an odd combination of majors, and honestly, there are too many reasons to list. The biggest reason is simply that I love engineering, and I love everything that Plan II stands for. That being said, I also came from a very small high school, with a graduating class of fourteen students, so coming to UT was quite intimidating! I almost did not choose UT simply for its size, but after I got accepted into Plan II, I knew everything would be okay. Plan II offered me the chance to still be a part of a small, close-knit community, without missing out on the experiences of a big school. Read more about Beau here.

Christina Rios
Plan II & pre-med
Class of 2020

My name is Christina Rios, and I am an incoming third-year student in the Plan II Honors program at UT Austin. A purely Plan II student with a focus in Pre-Medical Studies, I entered UT believing it would be difficult to integrate my interests in the sciences, literature, and international affairs with my already heavy academic load. After spending merely a year as a Plan II student, however, I found it to be more than possible to explore all of my academic interests and more through the incredibly diverse opportunities that being a Plan II student provides. Read more about Christina here.

Luis Roa Santoyo
Plan II, Mexican American and Latina/o Studies & Sustainability Studies
Rapoport Service Scholar, MALS Paredes Fellow & Skaaren Climate Scholar
Class of 2022

Hello! My name is Luis Roa Santoyo, and I am an incoming second-year studying Plan II, Mexican American and Latina/o Studies, and Sustainability Studies. I am from Arlington, Texas and have lived there my whole life. Coming to UT was a major shock, and I still remember the fear I felt at orientation and in my first month here. The first organization I joined was the Queer and Trans People of Color Agency, and I quickly found my group of people. With focus on radical community care and activism work, my passion for serving my communities was cemented. I dropped my Communication major and added on two more. It felt like coming home. Read more about Luis here.

Eliza Pillsbury
Plan II & Journalism
Core Texts & Ideas Certificate
Class of 2023

Hello! My name is Eliza Pillsbury, and I’m a sophomore in the Plan II Honors Program and the School of Journalism. I’m also pursuing a certificate in Core Texts & Ideas through the Jefferson Scholars Program, and a minor in English. I’m from Houston, Texas, but I didn’t spend much time in Austin or even consider UT as a possibility for college until I learned about Plan II. Read more about Eliza here.

Rahul Das
Plan II, Business Honors & Marketing
Certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling
Class of 2021

Hi friends! My name is Rahul Das, and I am junior here at UT majoring in Plan II, Business Honors, and Marketing, with a certificate in Applied Statistical Modeling. I know what you’re thinking – does he have time to do anything else besides schoolwork? Surprisingly, I do! I challenge myself academically because I’m terribly curious and love to learn. Fun fact: my junior year English teacher in high school imposed a daily question quota on me because of how many questions I had. However, it was my inquisitive nature that drew my attention to Plan II. A program that brings together intellectually curious students to discuss the most thought-provoking questions we face in today’s society – count me in! Read more about Rahul here.

Rylan Maksoud
Plan II & Government
Class of 2021

Hi there! My name’s Rylan Maksoud and I’m a senior majoring in Plan II and Government, minoring in business and philosophy, and planning to go to law school. I’m originally from Houston, but now I can’t imagine leaving Austin. Before I attended an accepted students’ night at an alum’s house, I didn’t quite know what Plan II even was. Yet while there, I felt such a strong sense of community and belonging that I decided to enroll as soon as I walked out. That was the best decision of my life. Read more about Rylan here.


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