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FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, is a federal law that pertains to the release of and access to student educational records. The law, also known as the Buckley Amendment, applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the US Department of Education.  Go to FERPA or US Department of Education Policy Guide to learn more. 

Authorization to Release Student Information Form

If a student wishes to sign a waiver allowing a Plan II advisor to discuss the student's academic record with his/her parents or other designated contact, the student must sign a waiver of the education privacy rights.  The form will be kept in the student's file and will be valid for one year. The student must sign a form each year the student wishes to waive the FERPA privacy rights.

The student must come to the Plan II Honors office and see an advisor to sign the waiver.  This form will not be available for download.

College of Liberal Arts Advising Information

The Plan II Honors Major is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, check out the links below for infomation on College policies and procedures such as dropping a course, full time status, maximum semester hours, etc...).  If you are considering adding a second Major within the College of Liberal Arts you can find a full list of degree plans online.  Lastly, the College has a wealth of additional student resources in their Handbook.

First Year Students - Peer Advising

SPECIAL COVID-19 UPDATE - The Freshman Registration Advising & Peer Panel event that was scheduled for April 6th has been canceled. Peggy will send out materials regarding registration, advising worksheets, and a summary of wisdom from our peer panelists the week of April 6th. Our hope is that you can submit the advising worksheets via the Plan II 101 Canvas page for Katie and Peggy to review and return to you. If you need assistance beyond the worksheet, you are welcome to schedule an advising appointment, per the instructions above.

In addition to the professional Academic Advisors, you will have access to the Plan II Peer Advisors. These are Plan II seniors, juniors, and sophomores representing dozens of different second majors and student organizations. Trained by the Plan II Academic Advisors, it is their job not only to answer questions about courses, professors, scheduling, registration, and other academic concerns, but also to introduce you to the social and extracurricular aspects of UT and Plan II. The beginning of the year offers many opportunities to get to know your peer advisors and interact with them in non-academic settings like Freshman Getaway, Convocation, and a variety of other activities organized by the peer advisors.

Peer advising groups are made up according to your world literature course. With advisors, there are three to four advisors per world literature class. This breaks down to roughly one advisor for every five students. Your peer advisors will be responsible for getting important information to you, and will be available for any questions or concerns you might have. If you are worried that your specific advisors may not be familiar enough with your specific second major or area of interest, don't worry. All peer advisors are available for all students, and your peer advisor will be able to match you up with someone who is concentrating on a similar area of study when you are in need of academic advice.

Remember, the peer advisors are there to help you, so use them to their fullest. They have recently walked in your shoes. They are more than happy to help with any concern you might have. 

Second Year Students - Sophomore Advising

During your second year, Plan II students are required to participate in the Sophomore Advising Program, a year-long series of events and activities that help you to connect with resources, create a plan to achieve your academic & career goals and get the most out of your remaining time at UT Austin. The components of the Sophomore Advising Program include the Sophomore Summit event, a self-reflection questionnaire and resume, Plan II Career Week, and a one-on one advising session with a UT faculty member. Participants in the Sophomore Advising Program include Plan II staff and alumni, faculty from across the campus, multiple University offices and representatives from post-graduate programs. For more information visit  Sophomore Advising.

Third Year Students - Thesis Advising & Graduation Planning

Every third year student should meet with a Plan II Academic Advisor to review their remaining degree requirements to ensure that all needed courswork is incorporated into their graduation plan.  

In addition, students should complete the thesis advising process the semester before they intend to start their thesis project.  The process is designed to assist students at every step from brainstorming topics to finalizing which facuulty members to work with; in-depth details can be found on the Thesis page of the Plan II website.  

Fourth Year Students - Thesis

Students working on their thesis project through Plan II are enrolled in the year-long thesis course sequence.  The Plan II thesis is an independent project, much larger than any academic project you have taken on before.  The periodic group meetings required as part of the thesis class aim to give students a sense of community, provide a forum for discussing thesis progress with a small group of students working on similar topics, and to present students with the information and guidance necessary for timely and successful completion of their senior thesis project.

Plan II Academic Advisors:

Katie O'Donnell

Katie O'Donnell, Academic Advising Coordinator

 (on maternity leave Jan 22 - mid-April)




Peggy Sharp

Peggy Sharp, Senior Academic Advisor

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