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Thesis Advising

Spring 2020 Advising Hours 

Nina Cline, TC 660HA and TC 660HB/TC 359T Instructor
Office Hours: RLP 2.102, TBD

Dr. Janet M. Davis, Associate Director of Plan II Honors
Office Hours: RLP 2.102, Thursdays from noon - 3pm and by appointment

Dr. John Morán González, Associate Director of Plan II Honors
Office Hours: RLP 2.102, Tuesdays 9am - noon and by appointment

1. Prepare: Read through the Plan II Thesis Manual and begin to formulate a general idea for your thesis topic. Begin talking to professors who have expertise in your topic of interest for guidance. 

2. Propose: Download (or pick up in the Plan II office) the two part Thesis Registration form (Thesis Registration Part I and Thesis Registration Part II). Fill out Part One and bring it to a meeting with either of the Plan II Associate Directors during their posted office hours (or email them to arrange an appointment time). Discuss your topic and supervisor ideas. If approved, have an Associate Director sign Part One and then turn it into the Plan II front desk. This will give you the clearance needed to add the thesis course.

DEADLINE FOR PART ONE: the last Friday BEFORE registration begins (late October for Spring registration; mid-April for Fall registration)

3. Confirm: Bring Part Two of the Thesis Registration Form to meetings with professors to discuss your topic and if they would be willing to work with you as a primary supervisor or second reader.  Once you have secured agreements from both a faculty supervisor and second reader, have them sign Part Two of the form. Attach an updated resume and short paragraph describing your thesis topic. Turn in your completed Part Two to the Plan II front desk.

DEADLINE FOR PART TWO: The Friday BEFORE finals during the semester prior to starting the thesis course (mid-December for Spring registration; early May for Fall registration). Students who fail to turn in Part Two by the deadline will be dropped from the thesis course.

If you are doing an honors thesis course through another department, complete the registration procedures required by that department and submit the Departmental Thesis form to the Plan II office by the fourth class day of the semester you will begin your thesis. See the Plan II Thesis Manual for additional information. If you are considering a thesis that requires lab experience, reach out to that lab well in advance. Some labs require up to a year of experience.

There will be no late thesis registrations, so plan accordingly! If you have any questions, please refer to the Thesis Manual or contact Katie O'Donnell.

Plan II Honors Thesis Database

Texas ScholarWorks - Plan II Honors Theses Collections 

  • Openly Available: 2017 to present
  • Restricted: 1996-2016

The electronic thesis database was started in 2007, though some earlier theses have been scanned and added to the archive. It's searchable by author, title, keyword, etc. If you are a Plan II alum and you would like your thesis moved into the "Openly Available" Collection, please contact Katie O'Donnell.

Other Research Funding Sources and Awards

Plan II Thesis Grant Information - for travel and expenses directly related to your thesis research

Plan II Travel Grant Informaton
 - for academic travel not related to your thesis

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards

University Co-op / George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Student Awards for Academic Excellence

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