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These fourteen Plan II Honors theses, which are among the best submitted in the academic year 2000–2001, are representative of the first-rate work done by a variety of students engaged in different areas of research, from economics to architecture, literature to fine arts, history to religion. They are worthy of emulation by all senior thesis writers.

  • Leyla Jane Abou-Samra. A Doorway Between Two Rooms. A moving collection of lyrical essays and poems that address the strengths and nuances of a bi-cultural identity.

  • Margaret Boren. Quilts as Autobiography. A remarkable two-part thesis that explores the cultural history of quilting in America and offers a portrayal of the author through her own dazzling quilts.

  • Sara Galván. Making a Home in Texas Colonias. A splendid architecture thesis that investigates the history and political importance of the substandard unincorporated settlements along Texas’ border.

  • Brett Gordon. Informational Privacy on the Net. A fascinating informational science thesis that focuses on the legal issues related to data protection and the dissemination of personal information.

  • Rebecca C. Kaiser. Finding Compromise in Ethics, Animal Status, and Biomedical Research.   A penetrating life science thesis that investigates the moral standing of animals in medical research.

  • Matt King. Don DeLillo’s Democratic Shout. An elegantly conceived and written thesis that examines the centrality of mystery and transcendence in one of America’s most elusive writers.

  • Alison Little. Is Foreign Intervention in Female Genital Cutting in Africa Neo-Imperialist? A sophisticated history thesis that not only addresses a disturbing practice but how, or if, the US should intervene.

  • Tina Maa. The Chinese Population Dilemma. A compelling Asian Studies-Government thesis that traces the development of population policy in China and anticipates future trends.

  • Sonali Mehta. Creative License in Classical Dance. A sensitive exploration into the creative development of a particular cultural dance style, its practice, and modern application.

  • Kevin Miller. God in a House of Mirrors. An insightful and personal look at worship practices among Christians at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Jamie Nicholson. Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Trigonometry. An important contribution to our understanding of how students learn and apply advanced mathematics.

  • Ellen Nudelman. Lawyers on Trial. A beautifully written thesis that examines the debate over the legal profession in the court of public appeal.

  • Jennifer Peterson. A Look at Racing Pigeons. A delightful geography thesis that studies the history of the pigeon and the various practices to which it has been put.

Winner of the Dr. Harold M. Albert Prize for writing an outstanding thesis related to medicine.

  • Wendy Jane Ward. Health Care for the Homeless. A brilliant sociology thesis that examines—through personal interviews, statistical analysis, and a careful study of existing literature—the unmet health care needs of the homeless in the United States. 

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