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Thesis Awards 2003/2003

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Model Theses

  • Travis Austin Abele. The Evolution of Intravenous Fluid Therapy. Winner of the Albert Prize for best thesis relating to medicine. Good example of an essay combining history and physiology.
  • Jay B. Blackman. Crossed Trails: The Origins of Ernie Pyle's 'The Death of Captain Waskow.' An exquisitely written account of two lives, based partly on original research.
  • Daniel Booth. A Recommendation for Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). Shows how engineering research can lead to policy.
  • Alexandra Chirinos.  Domestic Abuse Against Immigrant Women.  Based on research and case studies; an important essay that should affect policy.
  • William A. Furgeson.  Willie Nelson and the Austin Music Scene, 1972 to 1976.  An extraordinary effort for one semester. Good research and writing.
  • Benjamin Jacobs-Swearingen.  The Nature, the Times, and the Teachings: Syncretism and Li Zhi's Search for Sageliness.  Original research and translation at a professional level.
  • Francesca Lo Russo. "I santi: portraits of the saints." Fascinating painting and a fine example of the use of text with original art, showing good use of time studying abroad.
  • Scott Moorhead.  A Man Killed by Kicking.  A short story by Pablo Palacio, translated with notes by Scott Moorhead. A captivating translation with scholarly apparatus completed in one semester.
  • Sarah Norris.  From Palace to Prison: The Memoirs of George Nathaniel Nash. Exemplary use of source materials from the HRC; an original contribution to history.
  • Courtney M. Novak.   A Matter of Principle: Werner Heisenberg's Role in the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project.  Illustrates how careful research can make a scholar change her mind. Elegantly written and presented.
  • Jessica S. Ochoa.  The Chicano Dropout Rate in Texas: Correlates, Effects, and Possible Solutions.  A careful study with thoughtful recommendations, completed in one semester.
  • Eric P. Sublett.  Antitrust Policy Coordination: A Game-Theoretic Approach.   Impressive development of new tools for solving an old problem.
  • Elise Thompson.  How God Became Real.  A beautifully written memoir, taut and captivating. Deserves a wide readership.
  • Travis Vandergriff. "Nosotros tenemos el don: Curanderismo and the Traditional Healers of Austin's Hispanic Community." Masterful original research, well presented.


Grand Prize Winners  Recipients of $20,000

  Lauren E. Banta
Radio-Television-Film, Plan II Honors03-banta
Lauren was nominated by Dr. Paul Stekler for her documentary film “The Kiely Family”,  an inspiring account of the everyday life of a foster family with six children - four of them with disabilities.

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