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Thesis Awards 2003/2004

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  • Andrea Choquette. Brand America: Mass Media and Public Diplomacy in the Middle East. A thoroughly researched thesis that investigates whether or not mass media—and specifically advertising—can help enhance America’s image in the Middle East. Supervising professor: Samer Ali
  • Meghan Grossman. Robed in Magic: Costume Design for a Modern Russian Fairy Tale. An enchanting and exceptionally well-conceptualized set of designs for the stage. Supervising professor: Leslie O'Bell
  • Jennifer L. Job. Responses to the Vietnam War in Popular Music through the 1980’s. An interdisciplinary thesis that sheds light on the contributions of musicians to the wartime environment. Supervising professor: Glenn Richter
  • Geeti Shirazi Mahajan. “Nayika”: The Question of the Heroine in “Bharata Natyam” Classical Indian Dance. A cross-cultural thesis that examines the evolving roles of Indian and Indian-American women in the medium of dance and in society today. Supervising professor: Martha Selby
  • Christina I. Miller-Ojeda. Historian, Politician, Novelist: Benito Perez Galdós’ Perspective on the British in His “Episodios Nacionales.” A stunning historical and literary study of Spain’s greatest nineteenth-century novelist. Supervising professor: Roger Louis
  • Elspeth K. Palmer. Cold, Narrow Prisons: The Recluse in Victorian Literature and History. An elegantly written and elegantly conceived interdisciplinary literature thesis. Supervising professor: Carol MacKay
  • James G. Scott. Bayesian Methods in Computing the Ages of Galactic Star Clusters. An ambitious astronomy thesis that offers an empirical basis for discriminating among competing theoretical models of stellar evolution. Supervising professor: Bill Jeffrys
  • Esther Wang. Borders, History, and the Asian Diaspora: My Family’s Journey. A beautifully written narrative that demonstrates how everyday people lived through major historical events. Supervising professor: James Kyung-Jin Lee
  • Anne Womer. Civil Society in Egypt and Jordan: Implications for U.S. Development Policy. A splendid government thesis that examines the problems associated with American intervention in promoting civil society in the Arab world. Supervising professor: Clement Henry
  • Clint Wood. Creating a Natural Gas-Backed Collaterized Debt Obligation. A remarkable one-semester business thesis that explores the relationship between petroleum engineering and fixed income management. Supervising professor: James Dyer
  • The Albert Prize

  • Stephanie I-Wei Kwok was awarded the Albert Prize for her thesis, The Ethics of Prenatal Testing and Selective Abortion. The Albert Prize is a $300 award for an outstanding Plan II Honors thesis on a topic related to the field of medical science. Stephanie’s thesis supervisor was Professor Brian Bremen of the English Department.


Two Plan II Honors students won the second prize and received $5,000 each: Corinna A. Kester, Chemical Engineering and Plan II senior; Geeti S. Mahajan, Asian Studies and Plan II senior.

Two of the five winners of the $2,000 awards were Andrea M. Choquette, Business Honors, Marketing and Plan II senior;  Sarah E. Tierney, Computer Science, Government and Plan II senior.

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