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Thesis Awards 2004/2005

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  • Naomi Baldinger. Robert Bober’s “Berg et Beck”: A Translation. An engaging translation of a modern French novel about two young friends.
  • Elizabeth Gendler. The Lived Body: A Phenomenology of Dance. A stunning creative dance project.
  • Vincent Kuo. Musical Metamorphosis. A remarkable musical performance by an accomplished pianist.
  • Joshua Aiden Hill. Fly Fishing the Spring White Bass Runs. A delightful and inventive thesis about a life-long hobby.
  • Amber Holloway. Intimations of Understanding: A Spiritual Autobiography. A compelling account of a religious life and life in religion.
  • Morgan S. Jones. Incarnations of Home among Kalderash Romanies. An insightful anthropological study of the Romani people living outside of Paris, France.
  • Curtis Luciani. A Theater of Paralysis: Samuel Beckett and His Accursed Progenitors. An elegantly written thesis about a crucial yet neglected aspect of classical and modern drama.
  • Amy Alison Pierce. The Ethics of Decision Making in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. An original and well-researched bio-medical study.
  • Maryam Farnaz Rostami. Found Object Architecture: Transgression at Arm’s Length. A wonderful, perceptive view of the architect as creative bricoleur in modern America.
  • Nathan M. Stein. Improving Bayesian Methods in Computing Ages of Galactic Star Clusters. A first-rate study in the field of astronomy.
  • Rebecca Lynn Teng. The Chinese Experience in Dallas, Texas: 1900-2000. A wide-ranging and informed historical study that captures a community’s collective memory.
  • Merila Walker. Peripheral Arterial Disease and A New Treatment Option: Silverhawk Atherectomy.   An important thesis that chronicles the latest developments in a new medical procedure.

The Albert Prize

Amy Alison Pierce was awarded the Albert Prize for her thesis, The Ethics of Decision Making in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Albert Prize is a $300 award for an outstanding Plan II Honors thesis on a topic related to the field of medical science.

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