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Thesis Awards 2011/2012

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Model Theses:

  • Brett Darren Blieden, Plan II Honors, Spanish and BBA in Management Information Systems; Separation and Nostalgia: South African Jewish Experience Through Post-Apartheid Perspectives
  • Galen O'Brien Blumenthal, Plan II Honors; The Ex-Presidency: Renewed Expectations of Former United States Presidents in the 21st Century
  • Victoria Cruz Azuara, Plan II Honors and Government; Writing U.S. Immigration Policy and the Importance of IIRIRA: A Textual Analysis of Immigration Policy in the U.S. Senate and the Consequences of Policy Evolution
  • David A. Donatti, Plan II Honors and History; Lockstep through the Silence: Security, Politics, and Public Opinion from Pearl Harbor to Japanese American Internment
  • Nick Feronti, Plan II Honors and BBA in Business Honors; Slaves on Scholarship: How the College Sports Industry is Damaging Universities and Exploiting Black Athletes
  • Sidney Elizabeth Mashburn, Plan II Honors and English; This World is Not My Home: Wahnsinnige Sehnsucht in the Fiction of Walker Percy
  • Kajal Mehta, Plan II Honors (pre-med); Social Entrepreneurship Education for Undergraduate Students
  • Jillian Owens, Plan II Honors and Religious Studies; A Wide Net of Hope: Understanding the Success of Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church
  • Alexandra E. Reynolds, Plan II Honors and BBA in Supply Chain Management; Medical Tourism in Thailand: Striking an Ethical Balance Between Profit and Value
  • Melanie Scruggs, Plan II Honors and Psychology; The Rise and Fall of The Rag: Problems for Alternative Media in a Radical Movement's Decline
  • Brittany Smith, Plan II Honors; Eating Our Words: The Rhetoric of the Food Movement
  • Zoya Anam Waliany, Plan II Honors, Government and Arabic; The Female Arab Spring: Women's Status in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia and Egypt

    Albert Prize for Best Medical Thesis:   

  • Shreeya Popat, Plan II Honors and Biology; While You Were Sleepwalking: Science and Neurobiology of Sleep Disorders and the Enigma of Legal Responsibility of Violence During Parasomnia


Plan II recipient of $20,000 Award:

George Miller
B.A., May 2012, Plan II Honors and Astronomy Honors

Two Planets Orbiting the Eclipsing System NN Serpentis

Miller's faculty superviser was Professor Don Winget, of the Department of Astronomy.  Miller will begin work on a PhD at Harvard in the fall of 2012.

Plan II recipient of $2,000 Award:

Jillian Owens
B.A., May 2012, Plan II Honors and Religious Studies

A Wide Net of Hope: Understanding the Success of Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church

Jillian Owens, one of this year's College of Liberal Arts Dean's Distinguished Graduates.  Her supervising professor was Dr. Thomas Tweed of Religous Studies.

The University Co-operative Society and The University of Texas at Austin awarded the 13th annual University Co-op George H. Mitchell Student Awards for Academic Excellence on May 2.  These awards recognize hard work and extraordinary contributions to their fields of study went to Plan II Honors seniors George F. Miller and Jillian Owens.

Founded in 1896 by William J. Battle, a professor of the Greek language who later served as president of the University from 1914 to 1916, the University Co-op fulfills its 116-year old mission as a non-profit corporation by returning all profits to its owners — UT’s students, faculty, and staff. Since 2000, the Co-op has given more than $32 million to UT in the form of gifts, grants, and rebates.

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