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Thesis Awards 2012/2013

Model Theses

  • Travis Townley Alexander, Reading Under the Influence: Class Fictions, Neonaturalism, and the Grotesque in Charles Bukowski's Ham on Rye
  • Alice Armstrong, Science Fiction and the City of the Future: Urban Planning Through Cognitive Estrangement
  • John Russell Beaumont, Relief and Recovery: The Role of Architecture and Solidarity in the 2010 Chilean Earthquake Reconstruction
  • Laura Jean Binder,Porgy and Bess: Discourses of Authenticity
  • Kimberly Evans, Ebola and Mathematical Modeling: Should Models be Modified to Include Culture and Politics?
  • Brianna M. Guidorzi, When Expectation Does Not Meet Reality: Discordant Childbirth Narratives Among Austin-Area Women
  • Annie Lord, Riparian Redemption: The Role of German River Management in the Formation of an Environmental European Community
  • James (Nick) Nicholas Lovitt,Displacement by Dispossession: Foreign Investments in African Land and Why So Many Fail
  • Marla Rosner, Pragmatic Imitation of Referring Expressions in Three-Year Olds
  • Madeline Schlesinger, The Hadamar Trial: Inadequacies of Postwar Justice
  • Kelsey Thompson, Ayn Rand vs. Ethics of Care: Capitalist Economics and Women on Welfare
  • Balaji Varadhan, Foresight in Hindsight: Economists and the 2007 Financial Crisis
  • Sarah Elizabeth Wilbanks, Sexual Assault and the Military Justice System
  • Megan Wolfrom, Invisible Children: One Organization's Role in a Global Conflict

Albert Prize for Medical Science

Molly Jeannine Bates, Infectious: Understanding the American Anti-Vaccine Movement

Joynes Prize for Creative Writing

Lisa Siva, Ghost Stories

Lois Trice Prize for Creative Scholarship in a Thesis

Jenny Kutner, This is What We Do: Postfeminism and the Third Wave in Contemporary Women's Fiction

Patrick Naeve, William the Conqueror: A Verse History of 1066 A.D.

University Co-op/George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Student Awards for Academic Excellence

$5,000 prize - Andrew Wortham, Sikkimese Schools: Modernity in the Mountains

$2,000 prize - Hannah Waitt, The History, Development, and Future of K-Pop and the Korean Music Industry

College of Natural Sciences Dean's Honored Graduate

Nathan Abell, Plan II, Government, & Cell & Molecular Biology

Dean's Distinguished Graduates, College of Liberal Arts

  • Travis Alexander, Plan II & English
  • Alyssa Davis: Plan II Honors and Sociology
  • Maggie Gunn: Plan II Honors and English Honors
  • Katherine Kling: Plan II Honors and Anthropology
  • Sam Rhea: Plan II Honors

Plan II Distinguished Graduates

  • Brianna Guidorzi, Plan II & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Jade Law, Plan II & pre-med
  • David Liu, Plan II & Business Honors
  • William Angus McLeod, Plan II & History
  • Kevin Rafferty, Plan II & Aerospace Engineering
  • Dana Reichman, Plan II & Middle Eastern Studies
  • Natalie San Luis, Plan II & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Kelsey Thompson, Plan II & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Balaji Varadhan, Plan II & Economics
  • Audrey White, Plan II & Religious Studies

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