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The Plan II Board of Visitors is a diverse group of Plan II alumni who meet every fall and spring. Our alumni board promotes the recognition, well-being, progress, and success of the Plan II Honors Program by assisting the Director, Staff, Faculty, Students and Alumni by providing insight and guidance for Program priorities, and assisting with philanthropic fundraising for the Program’s needs.

The Board’s advisory role plays a vital part in supporting the mission of the Plan II Honors Program, which is to provide an education that emphasizes community, collaboration, and experiential learning in the classroom and beyond—on the campus, in the nation, and in the world. Our goal is to produce leaders for the 21st century with advanced skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication (reading, writing, speaking); graduates who can make connections beyond traditional boundaries and disciplines; and creative, engaged citizen-scholars who can help us work toward the greater good.

Plan II Board of Visitors membership guidelines (pdf)

Current Members
Kwabena (Koby) Ackie, Class of 2010
Melissa Ackie, Class of 2010
John Adkins, Class of 1974
Bjorn Billhardt, Class of 1997
Leslie Blanton, Class of 1976
Sebastian de Beurs, Class of 2019
Carolyn Denham, Class of 1966
Robert Denham, Class of 1966
Marissa Duswalt Epstein, Class of 2010
Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Class of 2001
Christian Garza, Class of 1998
David Genecov, Class of 1985
Stephen Gilstrap, Class of 2007
Meggie Gilstrap, Class of 2007
Kyla Harrison, Class of 2018
Garret House, Class of 1987
Dhananjay Jagannathan, Class of 2009
Spencer Kerr, Class of 2004
Annie Kerr, Class of 2004
Ziyaad Khayrattee, Class of 2018
Austin Ligon, Class of 1973
Ashish Mahendru, Class of 1993
Parag Mehta, Class of 2000
Rashmi Mullur, Class of 2000
Hema Mullur, Class of 2006
Annie Pena, Class of 1987
Macey Reasoner, Class of 1962
Sam Rhea, Class of 2013
Lorin Runnels, Class of 1995
Sara Saastamoinen, Class of 2015
Tolly Salz, Class of 1992
Gregory Sapire, Class of 1990
Sandra Snyder, Class of 1961
Tim Taliaferro, Class of 2005
Robert Walters, Class of 1980
Michael Whellan, Class of 1987
Andrew Wilson, Class of 2014
Karin Zaner, Class of 1991

Past Members
Michael Appleman, Class of 1990
Betty Sue Flowers, Class of 1969
Elizabeth Gambrell, Class of 1990
Julius Glickman, Class of 1962
Byron LeFlore, Jr., Class of 1986
Francis Lo, Class of 2002
Pat Patterson, Class of 1964
Daron Roberts, Class of 2001
Amy Robinson, Class of 1989
Glenn Rogers, Class of 1959
Paul Anton Schweizer, Class of 1989
Randi Shade, Class of 1988
Bea Ann Smith, Class of 1965
Jayne Suhler, Class of 1988
Dale West, Class of 1991

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