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The Plan II Students' Association is an umbrella organization which is responsible for organizing events to enhance the undergraduate experience of Plan II students and to promote a positive image of the Plan II Honors Program and its students. The group organizes several events for Plan II students throughout the academic year, from academic events like the Voltaire's Coffees and Voltaire's Cinemas to social events like Freshman Getaway and Plan II Formal.

P2SA acts as the umbrella organizaton and primary funding source for nearly a dozen other Plan II student organizations, including the Broccoli Project, pre-professional groups like Plan II Pre-Med and Plan II Pre-Law, and new groups like the Plan II Book Club.

P2SA also works to increase Plan II students' visibility as active members of the UT and greater Austin communities through various area service projects.

2017/2018 Elected Plan II Students' Association Officers:

Co-Presidents: Kat Taylor & Charlie Bonner

Vice-Presidents: Holden Hopkins & Madeline Graham

Treasurers: Will Read & Mac Mackey

Academic Chairs: Katherine Gaard, McKenzie Hartmann, & Mehraz Rahman

Social Chairs: Ryan Ward & Maddy Richter-Atkinson

Little P's Coordinators: Quinn Collins & Jay Anand

Volunteer Chairs: Liz Warner & Kate Barry

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