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Plan II Honors Rowe Koehl Travel Award

NOTICE: The Rowe Koehl Travel Award has been suspended for 2021 due to continued restrictions on international travel due to Coronavirus. We look forward to resuming the award for travel in summer 2022.

Thanks to a generous gift from Judy Rowe ('63) and her husband Mike Koehl, Plan II is able to offer the annual Rowe Koehl Travel Award. This award is intended to help fund one student's self-guided exploration abroad.

Criteria: This annual award is given to a Plan II student in good standing with the program whose travel promises to address the most interesting idea or question proposed. Preference will be given to applicants whose travel will be abroad to a country or countries with which they have no close family ties or extensive previous experience. The award winner is determined by the Director and a committee of his/her choosing.  

This scholarship is not intended to be coupled with an already-planned Study Abroad experience, nor is it intended to be coupled with or pay for a for-credit program.  The spirit in which the award has been given is to encourage travel and learning in a non-traditional setting. For that reason, this is not a need-based nor is it a scholastic achievement grant. Grade point averages or financial need will not be considered, only the merit of the proposal. 

How to Apply: Write a 500-1000 word proposal of your travel plans that includes where you plan to go, why you want to go there, and what you hope to learn. For example, do you have a burning curiosity about a distant land? Are there specific questions you would like to explore about a foreign culture or issue? If so, tell us about them. Include in your application a proposed budget for your trip (expected expenses such as airfare, lodging, transportation, etc.). In most cases, the awardee will not be traveling abroad for academic credit, but rather to explore their world. This scholarship is not listed in the Online Scholarship Portal.  

Please note that travel to restricted regions is unlikely to be be awarded and would require students to receive travel authorization from the International Office. Winners of the award will be required to register their travel with Texas Global to receive funding.

Winners of the Rowe Koehl Travel Award are required to submit a short report of their experience to the donors after travel is complete.

The Rowe Koehl Travel Award is $2000.  Travel occurs during the summer semester.

For questions, contact Mary Dillman.

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