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2018 Worthington Essay Contest

Grand Prize: Jacob Chernick
Second Prize: Luna Malloy
First-Year Prize: Caroline Cummings

2018 Essay Prompt:

You are the chairperson of the United Nations Committee on BeingX, a space alien who has lived on Earth for nearly a generation, after crash-landing in the Indian Ocean in 2019. Because BeingX has physical and biotechnological abilities[1] that are similar to those of fictional superheroes from American comic books, they[2] have modeled their behavior after iconic characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman.

After decades fighting crime, BeingX has decided to pursue another line of work, and has agreed to apply their extraordinary abilities to whatever task the world deems most worthwhile. What they want is a job—something they can do for 30-60 hours each week with a relatively predictable schedule, around which they can organize their social life and time with their Earth family. (Of course, if there’s a natural disaster or some other imminent danger, they could take a short leave of absence from their routine job to respond.)

Quite a few suggestions have been proposed to your committee: BeingX could use their inexhaustible strength to push a turbine that would generate clean electrical energy for hundreds of thousands of homes; they could clean up toxic sites too dangerous for human laborers; they could spend their days flying over the polar regions, blowing cold air to forestall the melting of the polar ice caps; they could visit poor and remote populations of people and use their x-ray vision to diagnose medical problems, then transport the patients to facilities that could save their lives—the list goes on and on, and each proposal promises to keep BeingX occupied for decades. Before the committee can move forward with choosing a career for BeingX, your duty as chairperson is to define the criteria that should guide that choice.

In 2000 words or less, articulate the goals you want the committee to consider, and how the relative merits of the different options might be assessed.

[1] Unfortunately, BeingX’s biotechnology is not reproducible with the resources available on our planet.

[2] BeingX does not have a gender, and prefers the singular pronoun “they.”


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