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Explanation of the Plan II Curriculum


World Literature (E/TC 303C and 303D)
This year-long course is required of all Plan II first-year students and is of central importance in the curriculum, as students will spend the full year with the same cohort and usually the same professor. Students will read and discuss great works of literature from the ancients to the present. It is conducted as a seminar (15-17 students), with emphasis on discussion, and it is a writing-intensive course. Students may not place out of this course. 

First-Year Plan II Signature (TC 302)
All first-year students at UT take a Signature Course, and Plan II students take one specifically designed for them (either in the fall or spring of the first-year). The emphasis in these seminars is on discussion, critical thinking, and writing. Faculty from across the campus are specially selected to teach these courses, which are also small seminars (12-15 students). Recent seminar topics include "Art, Sport & the Meaning of Life," "Pathways to Civic Engagement," and "Literature & Biology".


Philosophy: Problems of Knowledge and Valuation (PHL 610Qa and 610Qb)
This year-long course is taken in the second year. Using ancient and modern texts, students usually consider problems in ethics, political theory, metaphysics, and epistemology. These classes are larger than the first-year seminar courses, but still small for UT standards (40 students average).


Junior Seminars (TC 358)
Plan II students take two seminars (15-17 students) in the junior year. Similar in format and approach to the first-year signature courses, the junior seminars often require term papers. Recent seminar topics include "Intelligence and Statecraft," "Writing Narratives," "Perspectives on US Foreign Policy," "Law, Ethics, and Brain Policy," and "Shakespeare in Performance."


Senior Thesis (TC 660Ha and 660Hb)
This year-long project is the culmination of your honors work in Plan II. It should represent significant research or creativity, and be a source of pride to you in years to come. Students in departmental honors programs through a second major (i.e., English Honors) may satisfy the Plan II thesis requirement by writing a departmental honors thesis. Read more about the Senior Thesis requirement.


These Plan II requirements can be spread out over the course of the four years, providing flexibility to accommodate a student's individual preferences or second major requirements.

Social Science 302 (SS 302)
This course is offered under several disciplines and is usually taken the second or third year, either in the fall or spring. The content involves contemporary social issues, and students may select from topics such as economics, anthropology, government or psychology.

Non-U.S. History
Two courses (six hours) from one of the following geographical areas are required: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East. Courses are chosen from offerings in the History department and from the approved Plan II Non-US History course list. Many students will take one of the two required non-US history courses while studying abroad. For lists of approved classes, see Advising Resources.

Math and Science
All students in Liberal Arts must take 18 hours of math and science. Twelve of these 18 hours are prescribed as follows for Plan II students:

  • Plan II Logic (PHL 313Q) or Plan II Modes of Reasoning (TC 310)
  • Mathematics for Plan II students (M 310P)
  • Physics for Plan II students (PHY 321)
  • Biology for Plan II students (BIO 301E)

Substitutions exist for some of the Plan II science requirements for students pursuing second majors in fields such as the Natural Sciences and Engineering. For lists of approved classes, see Advising Resources.

Humanities/Fine Arts
Three hours from one of the following areas:
  • Art History (any ARH course),
  • Music History (see approved list),
  • Theatre & Dance History (see approved list);
  • Upper division Classical Civilization (see approved list),
  • Upper division Literature (see approved list),
  • Upper division Humanities (HMN),
  • Upper division Philosophy (PHL).

For lists of approved classes, see Advising Resources.

The following requirements are not part of the Plan II Honors curriculum but are requirements of the Bachelor of Arts Degree and the University Core:

Foreign Language Requirement: Intermediate level proficiency in a single language is required for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Many languages are offered at UT for students to study, and students may place out of some or all of the requirement through placement exams.

Visual & Performing Arts (University Core requirement)

Additional Science & Technology requirements (University Core requirement)

Skills & Experience Flags (University Core requirement)

120 hours minimum (36 upper division)

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