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Photo of Robert H. Abzug

Robert H. Abzug

Professor, Audre and Bernard Rapoport Regents Chair of Jewish Studies & Director of Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies |
512-475-7240 |
GAR 3.310

Education: Ph.D., History, 1977, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: American Cultural and Intellectual History, American Jewish History and Culture, History of the Holocaust & Jewish Studies, History of Psychology, History of American Religion, History of Photography, Antebellum America

David E. Adelman

Faculty |
(512) 232-0877 |
JON 6.237

Photo of Janine Barchas

Janine Barchas

Faculty |
512-471-8379 |
CAL 203

Education: Ph.D., 1995, University of Chicago

Interests: Eighteenth-century literature and culture; digital humanities; the British novel; book history; textual studies; and Jane Austen.

Photo of Lance Bertelsen

Lance Bertelsen

Iris Howard Regents Professor in English Literature |
471-8769 |
PAR 314

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of Washington

Photo of Douglas G. Biow

Douglas G. Biow


Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Marc Bizer

Marc Bizer

Professor, French Studies |
512-471-7780 |
HRH 3.112B

Education: PhD, Princeton University

Interests: Nascent French identities: national, social, religious, authorial, gendered; gastronomy; tragedy and the tragic

Mary E Blockley

Faculty |
512-471-8362 |
PAR 320

Education: Ph.D., 1984, Yale University

Interests: Old English language and literature; history of the English language; medieval manuscripts; Germanic philology.

Photo of Henry W. Brands

Henry W. Brands


Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Texas at Austin

Keith C Brown

Faculty |
(512) 471-6520 |
CBA 6.256

Photo of Bruce Buchanan

Bruce Buchanan

Faculty |
512-232-7212 |
BAT 3.122

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: Presidential and American politics, American institutions, public policy and political behavior

Jerome F Bump

Professor |
512-471-8747 |
PAR 132

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Interests: Gerard Manley Hopkins; Alice books; Victorian literature; literature of nature; animal humanities; digital humanities.

Photo of John R. Clarke

John R. Clarke


Education: PhD, Yale

Photo of David Crew

David Crew

Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-475-7232 |
GAR 2.126

Education: Ph.D., 1975, Cornell University

Photo of Robert Crosnoe

Robert Crosnoe

Associate Dean of Research, College of Liberal Arts; Rapoport Centennial Professor, Department of Sociology |
512-471-7202 (COLA), 512-471-8329 (PRC) |
GEB 3.212 (COLA), RLP 2.406F (PRC)

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Human Development, Education, Family, Health, Immigration

Photo of Janet M. Davis

Janet M. Davis

University Distinguished Teaching Professor; Associate Director, Plan II Honors Program |
512-232-1848 |
BUR 432

Education: Ph.D., History, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Interests: U.S. cultural, social, and environmental history; popular culture; social thought; animal studies; women’s and gender history; U.S. social movements; modern South Asia

John Deigh

Faculty |
(512)471-6753, 472-1379 |
TNH 4.109

Education: PhD, University of California at Los Angeles

Interests: Ethics, political philosophy

Photo of Toyin Falola

Toyin Falola


Education: Ph.D., 1981, History, University of Ife

Photo of Alan W Friedman

Alan W Friedman

Faculty |
512-471-8376 |
CAL 214

Education: Ph.D., 1966, University of Rochester

Interests: British and American modernism; the novel; drama, especially Shakespeare; international programs, faculty governance and academic freedom.

Photo of Steven J. Friesen

Steven J. Friesen

Professor, Louise Farmer Boyer Chair in Biblical Studies |
(512) 471-8629 |
BUR 530

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

Interests: Social history of the early Christian churches | Roman imperial cults | Revelation and apocalypticism | indigenous religions | social locations and functions of religion

James Galbraith

Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business Relations and Professor of Government |
512-471-1244 |
SRH 3.332

Photo of Karl Galinsky

Karl Galinsky

Faculty |

Education: Ph.D., Princeton

Interests: Roman Literature and Civilization; Classical Tradition in Popular Culture; Greco-Roman antiquity; classical heritage of America; post-tenure review legislation

Austin Gleeson

Faculty |
512 471 4450 |
RLM 9.212A

Interests: Field theory of strong interactions and the physics of superdense matter; high energy acoustic sources

John M Golden

Faculty |
512 232 1469 |
JON 6.235

Photo of Benjamin Gregg

Benjamin Gregg

Professor in Government |
512-232-7274 |
MEZ 3.138

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University, Freie Universität Berlin

Interests: Social and political theory, human rights, political bioethics

Photo of Karen Grumberg

Karen Grumberg

Arnold S. Chaplik Professor of Israel and Diaspora Studies, Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Education: Ph.D.- 2004, University of California - Los Angeles

Interests: Comparative literature; the Gothic; Modern Hebrew literature; 19th- and 20th-century American literature

Photo of Sabine Hake

Sabine Hake

Faculty |
512-232-6379 |
BUR 332

Education: Ph.D., University of Hannover, Germany

Interests: German film, Weimar culture, modernism and the avant-garde, the culture of the metropolis, fascist aesthetics, working-class culture, Marxist theory

Photo of Linda Henderson

Linda Henderson

Faculty |
512 232 2474 |
DFA 2.122

Education: Ph. D., Yale University

Photo of John Hoberman

John Hoberman

Faculty |
512-232-6368 |
BUR 322

Education: Ph.D. Scandinavian Languages and Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: European cultural and intellectual history with special interests in Sportwissenschaft and the history of ideas about race

Photo of Elizabeth L. Keating

Elizabeth L. Keating

Professor |
471-8518 |
SAC 4.156

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Communication, New Communication Technologies, Multimodal Communication, Visual Anthropology, American Sign Language,

Photo of Martin W Kevorkian

Martin W Kevorkian

Professor of English |
512 471 8797 |
PAR 325

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of California Los Angeles

Interests: American Renaissance (mid-nineteenth-century New England literary culture); technology and race.

Photo of Sanford Levinson

Sanford Levinson

Faculty |
512 232 1351 |
JON 6.243

Photo of James N Loehlin

James N Loehlin

Faculty |
512-471-4993 |
CAL 205

Education: Ph.D., 1993, Stanford University

Interests: Shakespeare in performance (stage and film); Renaissance drama; modern drama.

Photo of Wm. Roger Louis

Wm. Roger Louis

Faculty |
512-471-9274 |
HRC 3.202

Education: DPhil and DLitt, Oxford University

Interests: History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, the Middle East, India, and end of empires

Photo of Carol H MacKay

Carol H MacKay

Faculty |
471-8970 |
PAR 221

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of California Los Angeles

Hans Mark

Faculty |
(512) 471-5077, (512) 232-4427 |
WRW 401B, MCC 4.714

Education: Ph.D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interests: Tilt-rotor Aircraft Applications, Electromagnetic Railguns, Prevention of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Photo of Al Martinich

Al Martinich

Roy Allison Vaughan Centennial Professor in Philosophy |
512-484-8186 |
WAG 416A

Education: PhD, University of California at San Diego

David Mohrig

Faculty |
512 471 2282 |
EPS 3.162

Interests: Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Rivers, Deltas, Coastlines, Submarine Channels, Geohazards, Sediment-Gravity Currents, Sediment Transport, Seismic Interpretation, Basin Analysis

Tessie Moon

Faculty |
512 471 0094 |
ETC 4.170

Interests: Mechanics and design of materials, processing, structures and systems; Polymer composites and nanocomposites; Nano- and bio-mechanics: modeling, experimental characterization; Electronics packaging and interconnects; Biophysics, nano- and microscale biomimetic materials and processes

Photo of Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore

Faculty |
471-4991 |
PAR 108

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University



Photo of Joan Neuberger

Joan Neuberger

Faculty |
512-475-7219 |
GAR 2.102

Education: Ph.D., 1985, Stanford University

Interests: Her teaching interests include modern Russia, nineteenth-century Europe, film, and visual culture.

Photo of Thomas G Palaima

Thomas G Palaima

Professor: Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor and Director, Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory (PASP) |
512-471-5742 or 512-471-8837 |

Education: Ph.D. 1980, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Aegean scripts & prehistory, Greek language, war & violence studies, public intellectual writing, music as social criticism, Dylanology

Photo of Lorraine Pangle

Lorraine Pangle

Professor and Co-Director, Thomas Jefferson Center |
512 232 1447 |
MEZ 3.134

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago


Faculty |
BIO 215

Interests: Global warming, climate change, insect ecology, butterfly biology

Photo of Ami Pedahzur

Ami Pedahzur

Professor |
512-232-1452 |
Mezes 3.140

Education: Ph.D., University of Haifa

Interests: Terrorism, radicalism, security studies, methods, Middle East.

Photo of Glenn Peers

Glenn Peers

Faculty |
512 232 2594 |
DFA 2.508

Education: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Interests: Early Medieval and Byzantine Art

Photo of Joseph E. Potter

Joseph E. Potter


Education: Ph.D., Princeton University

Photo of David Prindle

David Prindle

Faculty |
512-232-7214 |
BAT 4.104

Education: Ph.D., MIT

Photo of Ian N Proops

Ian N Proops


WAG 209

Education: PhD, Harvard University

Photo of Wayne A. Rebhorn

Wayne A. Rebhorn

Mildred Hayek Vacek and John Roman Vacek Chair of English |
512-471-8759 |
PAR 328

Education: Ph.D., 1968, Yale University

Interests: English and European Renaissance literature and Renaissance rhetoric.

Photo of John P Rumrich

John P Rumrich

Faculty |
512 471 8115 |
PAR 315

Education: Ph.D., 1981, University of Virginia

Photo of Richard M Sainsbury

Richard M Sainsbury

Professor |
471-5433 |
WAG 403A

Education: DPhil, Oxford

Interests: Philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, Frege, Russell

Thomas K Seung

Faculty |
512 471 6808 |
WAG 431

Education: PhD, Yale

Interests: Philosophy of law, continental philosophy, political philosophy, Kant

Photo of Tara A Smith

Tara A Smith

Faculty |
471-6777 |
WAG 231

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins

Interests: Moral, Political & Legal Philosophy

Photo of Stephen Sonnenberg

Stephen Sonnenberg

Faculty |
512 762 4783 |
WMB 5.128

Education: M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Interests: Medical Humanities and Medical Ethics

Photo of Galen Strawson

Galen Strawson

Faculty |
WAG 316

Education: DPhil, Oxford 1983

Interests: philosophy of mind, metaphysics, moral psychology, Locke, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche

Photo of Sean Theriault

Sean Theriault

Faculty |
512-232-7279 |
BAT 3.130

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: American political institutions

Photo of Jeffrey Tulis

Jeffrey Tulis

Professor of Government, Professor of Law & Professor of Communication Studies |
512 232 7244

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Interests: Political Theory and American Politics

Photo of Stephen M. Wechsler

Stephen M. Wechsler


Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Steven Weinberg


Interests: Particle physics; unification of fundamental interactions; cosmology

Photo of Alexandra K. Wettlaufer

Alexandra K. Wettlaufer

Director, Plan II Honors Program |
471-1442, |
CLA 2.102, HRH 3.104C

Education: PhD, Columbia University

Interests: 19th-century literature, visual arts, culture, and gender studies in France and Britain

Photo of Hannah C. Wojciehowski

Hannah C. Wojciehowski

Arthur J. Thaman and Wilhelmina Doré Thaman Professor of English |
512 471 8768 |
PAR 230

Education: PhD, Yale University

Photo of Paul B Woodruff

Paul B Woodruff

Faculty |
475-7000 |
FAC 406

Education: PhD, Princeton

Interests: Ancient philosophy, early Greek philosophy, aesthetics, democracy, virtue ethics, Socrates, Plato

Photo of Marjorie Curry Woods

Marjorie Curry Woods

Blumberg Centennial Professor of English and University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
471-8383 |
CAL 301

Education: Ph.D., U. of Toronto

Interests: medieval literature; medieval and renaissance rhetoric and pedagogy; composition exercises in the premodern classroom; modern use of premodern compostion exercises

Associate Professors

Photo of Samuel Baker

Samuel Baker

Associate Professor |
CAL 308

Education: Ph.D., 2001, University of Chicago

Photo of J.K. Barret

J.K. Barret

Associate Professor of English |
512-471-8390 |
CAL 310

Education: Ph.D., 2008, Princeton University

Interests: Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature; the Renaissance future; time; literature and the visual arts; early modern legal theory; classical reception; narrative.

Photo of Deborah A. Bolnick

Deborah A. Bolnick

Faculty |
512 471 7532 |
SAC 4.148

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Interests: Anthropological genetics and genomics, ancient DNA, human biological variation, race, Native American population history, human population genetics, genetic ancestry testing, paleoepigenetics

Photo of Pascale Bos

Pascale Bos

Faculty |
BUR 314

Education: Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Interests: 20th-century Comparative Western European and US literature; cultural studies, gender and memory, autobiography, Holocaust (history/culture/literature)

Photo of Brian A Bremen

Brian A Bremen

Associate Professor |
512-471-7842 |
PAR 127

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Princeton University

Interests: American literature; modernism; the digital humanities; writers of the Harlem Renaissance; literary theory.

Volker Bromm

Faculty |
(512) 471-3432 |
RLM 16.214

Interests: Formation of the first stars and quasars; high-redshift supernovae and metal enrichment; supermassive black hole formation; gamma-ray bursts; reionization of the intergalactic medium; present-day star formation; computational astrophysics.

Photo of Benjamin Claude Brower

Benjamin Claude Brower

Faculty |
512-475-6813 |
GAR 3.204

Education: Ph.D., 2005, Cornell University

Photo of Mia Carter

Mia Carter

Faculty |
471-8733 |
PAR 123

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of Shannon E. Cavanagh

Shannon E. Cavanagh


Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Photo of Mounira M. Charrad

Mounira M. Charrad

Associate Professor |
512-232-6311 |
CLA 3.526

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

Interests: Gender & Women's Rights; Political Sociology; Social Theory; Colonialism; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Globalization; Middle East and North Africa.

Photo of Judith G. Coffin

Judith G. Coffin


Education: Ph.D., 1985, Yale University

Photo of Susan Deans-Smith

Susan Deans-Smith

Faculty |
512-475-7205 |
GAR 3.302

Education: Ph.D., Cambridge University

Josh Dever

Faculty |
512-471-4857 |
WAG 316

Education: PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Logic, philosophy of language

Katherine Laura Dunlop

Faculty |
(512) 232-8467 |
WAG 410B

Education: Ph.D., UCLA

Interests: Kant; Early Modern Philosophy; Philosophy of Mathematics and Science

Photo of Zachary Elkins

Zachary Elkins

Faculty |
512.232.7250 |
BAT 4.120

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Alison K. Frazier

Alison K. Frazier

Faculty |
512-475-6375 |
GAR 2.109

Education: Ph.D., 1997, Columbia University

Interests: Premodern saints' lives | biblical exegesis | manuscript and print culture | Machiavelli and torture | Consolatoria

Vernita Gordon

Faculty |
512-471-5187 |
PMA 14.206

Photo of Frank A. Guridy

Frank A. Guridy

Faculty |
(512) 475-7267 |

Education: Ph.D., 2002, History, University of Michigan

Interests: Caribbean/African Diaspora History with an emphasis on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Transnational History, Sport History

Photo of Michael P Harney

Michael P Harney

Faculty |
512-471-4936 |
BEN 3.148

Education: Ph.D.-Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Medieval & Early Modern literature & culture. Film and media.

Photo of Neville Hoad

Neville Hoad

Faculty |
PAR 215

Education: Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University

Interests: Victorian feminism; psychoanalysis (particularly Freud and Klein); contemporary feminist theory in French and English; lesbian and gay studies; queer theory; international human rights law pertaining to sexual orientations; sexuality and gender issues in Southern Africa.

Photo of Coleman Hutchison

Coleman Hutchison

Faculty |
512 471 8372 |
CAL 314

Education: Ph.D., 2006, Northwestern University

Interests: U.S. literature and culture to 1900; poetry; print culture; the U.S. south; the American Civil War

Photo of David Kornhaber

David Kornhaber

Associate Professor |
512-471-8712 |
CAL 209

Education: Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University

Interests: Modern and contemporary drama; intersections of theatre and philosophy; critical theory; modernism and the avant-garde

Photo of Mark Atwood Lawrence

Mark Atwood Lawrence

Associate Professor |
512-475-9304 |
GAR 3.204

Education: Ph.D., 1999, Yale University

Photo of Marc S Lewis

Marc S Lewis

Faculty |
512 796 9314 |
SEA 3.252

Education: Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Photo of Allen MacDuffie

Allen MacDuffie

Faculty |
512-471-8767 |
PAR 229

Education: Ph.D., 2007, Harvard University

Interests: Victorian literature, literature and science studies, environmental literature and criticism, British and American modernism, poetry and poetics, Russian literature.

Photo of Tracie M. Matysik

Tracie M. Matysik

Faculty |
512-475-7251 |
GAR 3.402

Education: Ph.D., 2001, Cornell University

Photo of Julia Mickenberg

Julia Mickenberg

Faculty |
BUR 420 or 456 (fall 2017)

Education: Ph. D., University of Minnesota

Interests: History of the Left/Radical Cultures, Children's Literature, Women's History, History of Childhood, Russian Studies, Americans abroad, utopia

Photo of Marc Pierce

Marc Pierce

Faculty |
512-232-6360 |
BUR 358

Education: Ph.D, Germanic Linguistics, University of Michigan

Interests: Historical linguistics, Germanic linguistics and philology, history of linguistics, phonology, Scandinavian studies

Photo of Richard J. Reddick, EdD

Richard J. Reddick, EdD

Assistant Director, Plan II Honors Program

Photo of Denné N. Reed

Denné N. Reed

Faculty |
(512) 471-7529 |
SAC 5.146

Education: Ph.D., Stony Brook University

Interests: human evolution, micromammal paleoecology, taphonomy, GIS, remote sensing

Photo of Enrique R. Rodríguez-Alegría

Enrique R. Rodríguez-Alegría

Faculty |
512 471 0786 |
SAC 4.144

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Interests: archaeology, history, ethnohistory, Mesoamerica, the Spanish empire in Latin America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, archaeometry (INAA and LA-ICP-MS), colonialism, religious conversion, food

Photo of Mark C. Smith

Mark C. Smith

Faculty |
512-232-2015 |
BUR 428

Education: Ph.D., American Studies, 1980, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Nancy K. Stalker

Nancy K. Stalker

Faculty |
512 471-5811 |
WCH 4.130

Education: Ph.D., 2002, Stanford University

Interests: 20th-century cultural history, new religious movements, gender

Photo of Michael B. Stoff

Michael B. Stoff

Faculty |
512-475-7217 |
GAR 2.138

Education: Ph.D., 1977, Yale University

Photo of Rabun M Taylor

Rabun M Taylor


Education: PhD 1997, University of Minnesota

Michael Webber


Education: Ph.D, Stanford University

Assistant Professors

Photo of Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Assistant Professor |
471-7470 |
HRH 3.110A

Education: PhD, Emory University

Interests: Classical and medieval rhetoric, Medieval European literature and culture, Sexuality and Gender Studies, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis, European comics

Rosa N Schnyer

Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice |
512 475 7482 |
NUR 5.188

Senior Lecturers

Ruth E Buskirk

Distinguished Senior Lecturer |
471-7793 |
PAI 4.30

Interests: Behavior and web structure of orb-weaving spiders. How undergraduates learn to read scientific papers. Undergraduate biology teaching and curriculum issues.

Photo of Wendy I Domjan

Wendy I Domjan

Plan II Honors Assistant Director (Sr Lecturer) |
471-1442, 475-8495 |
WCH 4.104 or SEA 5.212

Education: Ph.D., Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison

Photo of Chiu-Mi Lai

Chiu-Mi Lai

Distinguished Senior Lecturer |
WCH 5.112

Education: Ph.D., University of Washington


Brian Doherty

Faculty |
471-8798 |
PAR 326

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jill Kolasinski


Photo of Jeffrey C. Leon

Jeffrey C. Leon

Faculty |
471-6780 |
WAG 315

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Stuart A Reichler

Faculty |
512 471 1074 |
BIO 6, BME 2.518

Matthew T. Valentine

Senior Program Coordinator and Lecturer |
512-471-5787 |
CRD 007

Education: Master of Fine Arts, New York University

Interests: photography, contemporary fiction and poetry

Other faculty

Photo of Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Faculty |
GAR 2.108

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Photo of George S Christian

George S Christian

Faculty |
PAR 108

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of Texas at Austin

Stanley Reiser


Grant Thomas


Edward L Walker

Adjunct Professor |
CRD 007A

William J Winslade

Adjunct Professor

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