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Plan II 4-Year Overview

The Plan II Honors Program is a four-year curriculum, designed to build up a student's skills and expertise from one year to the next, culminating in a senior thesis project that is the capstone of the student's undergraduate career. 

Typically, a student's semester schedule consists of about one-third Plan II courses, leaving room to pursue courses in a second major, degree, or area of specialization (like pre-med) if the student desires. However, Plan II is a major all on its own, and Plan II students do not have to select a second major or degree. Being "Purely Plan II" allows students maximum flexibility to customize their course of study and incorporate experiences like Study Abroad.

The chart below lays out in the most general terms what the four-year experience is like, with the left column explaining the Plan II curriculum and the right column summarizing what students typically do in their other areas of study. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of the Plan II courses and complete curriculum, please visit this page.

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