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Are you planning to start your Plan II thesis this spring? There is a new process for thesis registration:

Wed, October 26, 2005

The registration form for the thesis now has two parts. The first part of the form, part one, is due the semester before you plan to register for the thesis course. Once you have a general idea of what your topic will be, and you have an idea for a supervisor, complete and submit to the associate director this part of the thesis registration form, using the one-semester TC 359T or two-semester TC 660HA and B thesis forms, available in the Plan II office and online.

The second part of the form, part two, is due on the fourth class day of the semester you are registering for the thesis course. On part two, you must be sure that you and your supervisor and second reader sign the form and that you attach a typed, well-informed and well-written abstract describing your topic. The abstract should be between a full paragraph and one page in length. You may be asked to rewrite it if it is unclear, vague, or too brief. Do not wait until the last minute. As soon as the associate director has approved part one proposal (usually within 24 hours), Cindy Wilson will clear you for registration in your thesis course. After you have been cleared, you may register for the one-semester thesis (TC 359T) or for the first semester of the two-semester thesis (TC 660HA) online.

Students starting the second semester of the two-semester thesis must register themselves for TC 660 HB online. If you do not turn in part two of the thesis registration form, you will be dropped from the thesis course. NO LATE PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED. There will be no late thesis registrations after the twelfth class day. This is a firm deadline. Missing the deadline could mean delaying your thesis and graduation by a semester. If you have any questions, e- mail

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