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Plan II Honors Students' Sophomore Advising Statements Due February 2, 2007

Thu, January 18, 2007

Sophomore Statement Data form (pdf 26K)

Sophomore Statement Instructions and Information (pdf 42K)

Instructions for Sophomore Statement

Due Friday, February 2, 2007

The time has come to talk about the future--not the distant future, just the rest of your time at college. We want you to draft a statement about what you think you'll be doing in the next few years. Please fill out the attached data form and attach a one typed page try to say something about these questions:

• What subjects most interest you at this point?

• Have you started thinking about a career? Or are you interested in a graduate program?

• Do you have any idea what the area of your thesis will be?

• Do you have any burning questions or issues to discuss with a faculty adviser?

• Do you know a faculty member with whom you would like to discuss these questions?

• Do you have plans for this summer?

• When will you try out a career through a summer job or internship?

• When will you study abroad?

Try to answer the questions even if you are unsure of the direction you will take. We will not hold you to the answers. We will, however, read your statement with interest and prepare to discuss your plans with you during sophomore advising. Put your name, UTEID, e-mail address, and current telephone number on the top of your statement sheet. Please also fill out the attached data sheet. This will assist us in making your match for Sophomore Advising. Please turn in your statement and your data sheet to the Plan II office no later than Friday, February 2nd.

Electronic copies will not be accepted.

Your sophomore statement begins the process of Sophomore Advising. Next spring, you will have at least one meeting with a faculty adviser who is primed to help you with decisions about your education in relation to your larger goals. The advisers are expert in a number of areas, and many have twenty or more years of experience at U.T. They know more about the resources of this university than can be found in any catalogue. Besides, they like doing this. This is how it will work:

1. The Plan II staff will read your statement and data sheets and will return a recommendation to you with the name of a faculty member whom you should contact to set up an advising appointment.

2. We will inform the advisers at the same time that you will be contacting them for Sophomore Advising. We will also send your Sophomore Statement and other pertinent information to your recommended adviser.

3. You should meet with your adviser in February or early March.

4. You must turn in the attached advising form no later than Friday, March 30.

5. Sophomore students must participate in Sophomore Advising or face an advising bar during April registration.

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