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The Broccoli Project Presents: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Mon, October 25, 2010
The Broccoli Project Presents: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

Directed by: Victoria Hopper
Assistant Directors: Helena Stark & Reagan Tankersley

Welcome to the bustling streets of 1930's Moscow.

Mikhail Bulgakov's devastating satire of Soviet life under the boot of Stalin and his informants combines two distinct yet interwoven parts-one set in ancient Jerusalem, one in contemporary Moscow-the novel veers from moods of wild theatricality with violent storms, vampire attacks, and a Satanic ball; to such somber scenes as the meeting of Pilate and Yeshua, and the murder of J...udas in the moonlit garden of Gethsemane; to the substanceless, circus-like reality of Moscow. Its central characters, Woland (Satan) and his retinue-including the vodka-drinking, black cat, Behemoth; the poet, Ivan ; Pontius Pilate; and a writer known only as The Master, and his passionate companion, Margarita-exist in a world that blends fantasy and chilling realism, an artful collage of grostesqueries, dark comedy, and timeless ethical questions.

The second weekend of performances will be accompanied by a professorial panel from the Eurasian studies department to give background and context for the play. There will be a brief Q&A session following with Dr. Thomas Garza, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor and Director, Texas Language Center.

Performance dates are:
Saturday 11/6
Sunday 11/7

Thursday 11/11
Friday 11/12
Saturday 11/13

All performances begin at 7:30 PM.  Calhoun 100

Tickets are $5 at the door

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